February 24th, 2006

  • mcfnord

Natural Bomb

The rain that just began was preceeded by a massive explosion that I can't explain. It occured at the west end of the 520 bridge. Did anyone else hear it? I thought I was under attack. I swear it nearly shattered my windows. This was an exceptionally massive explosion. And now pounding hail has begun. Is it some natural dealio that hailstorms include dynamite?


Two engines responded to an alarm at the Queen City Yatch Club tonight.

The Club has seen a lot of Queens over its 89 years, but never had one come off with such a bang. About a dozen people gathered to investigate, but they were feeble-minded (perhaps from the mind-numbing explosion, or drug abuse, or sleepytime), and so I wandered off and found the best witness: A dumbstruck old man who was sleeping on a boat when roused from his slumber by a massive flash and deafening boom, directly above the boat slips. A couple near the shore said they saw black smoke and smelled ozone. Immediately thereafter, hail and snow fell, and it was believed the explosion was a natural phenomenon caused by atmospheric disparities in ionic charge, not terrorists. Still, this reporter has some underwear to change tonight.

Video of people sharing in God's wonder.
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Snow/rain mix in Broadview.

Everybody rush out to QFC. If you're going to get gouged on blizzard-related supplies, you might as well do it at the place that does it best.
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kurt halsey

help please

i never drive in this city. how long would it take to be in Renton at 5:30PM, if coming from Capitol Hill (yes, it'll be a workday)? is there crazy traffic on 5S at that time?
Kitty Snake

more hippie madness

jesus christ.  i was at the washington mutual on broadway today as i needed to cash a check.  and who was the first person i should see when i walked in?  a dirty hippie girl with red hair and dredlocks.  this wouldnt bother me except she was barefoot.  she was barefoot in the fucking bank.  and security wasnt doiing anything.

i dont get it.  im not allowed to bring my pet into the bank, but i can be barefoot?