February 22nd, 2006

Menopausal Specialists


I have had a very difficult time finding a doctor specializing in menopausal symptoms. I have tried numerous 'general physicians' and am very eager to find a specialist in the Seattle or Eastside area. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!
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Speed trap FYI

It seems Seattle's finest are stepping up speed enforcement on Aurora from the bridge to Fremont. I know a bunch of people who have been written tickets this month (including myself). Apparently, they have nothing better to do than ticket people on the one road you can drive 50+ mph.
Note: The official speed limit is a ridiculously low 40 mph.

Smoking ban takes away another ones livelihood

Since the smoking ban went into effect The Aurora Family Restaurant on 88th and Aurora has lost $1000.00 a day in revenue. This is the place where my friends Dickie and DJ Hubba Hubba were at last summer doing their Cruz In shows at. Well last weekend was its final weekend open, the owner had to close it down. While we were all there he was selling off everything, I got this here cool ass vintage neon beer sign! Good for me.... bad for them. I'm really bummed this place had to close. It was a great place for a hot rod get together with bands booze, burgers and fires!

Thanks a lot smoking ban!

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(no subject)

I plan on moving to the Seattle area in the next couple of years to establish residency. Of course I will need to find some sort of job so I don't live in a cardboard box next to Pike Place Market.

I will most likely be looking for office work since I have officially had it with retail/food work. Do you work for a company that you particularly love or hate? What are some companies to be weary of? Thanks!
When the Day Breaks

Japanese Puzzle Boxes

Does anyone know of a place in the Seattle area that sells Japanese puzzle boxes? A friend of mine is on the search for some but it looks like they're only available off the web.

Does anyone know otherwise?

Much Obliged

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(no subject)

i have a minor problem, i have a video from time my g/f spent in NZ but it is on High 8 PAL format, and needs it to be converted to us format - preferably onto DVD - but VHS would also work, any suggestions???

((greater c-attle / olympia WA area OR Pullman/Spokane WA/Moscow ID area prefered))
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Wild Cherry Lifesavers

I'm looking for a place locally where I can buy the rolls of wild cherry Lifesavers. I remember that growing up, we used to be able to buy them in 10-packs - today, I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Ideally, I'd like for this place to be on the east side, but considering the bad string of luck I've had - I'm willing to try anything.

My google search has been 'fruitless' (yes, pun intended); I've found places where I can buy the box of 20 rolls online (which would be fine too, mind you!), but the shipping costs about as much as one of the boxes.

Thanks in advance for your help, Seattle folk.
Sarek of Vulcan

Metro tunnel pictures

Before the bus tunnel closed, I went through there with my camera, and documented it, posting some of the pics at my Flickr account. After seeing that CafePress now allows you to create calendars, I figured I'd grab a few of the better shots and put one together. If you like it, let me know, even if the price isn't quite right for you.


(Edited to fix link)
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