February 21st, 2006

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I hate to post such boring, only usefull to me crap, BUT:

Does anyone know of a good hair place that is specialized in curly hair or just curly hair friendly?

I'm scared of getting my locks shredded by someone EdwardScissorHandesqu and looking like a poodle.

Pie Day

i would like to go to a restaurant that serves good pie, of more than one type, within the city limits of Seattle. i would prefer a local restaurant over a chain like Marie Callender's or Shari's. i need to get there via bus. suggestions?
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seattle dual-sport / sportbike dealers

Has anyone ever bought a motorcycle from or otherwise dealt with Lake City Powersports in Seattle?

Comments on the service quality, their moral attributes, etc?

If not, do you have good experiences w/ a Seattle (or surrounding area) motorcycle dealer which sells sportbikes and dual sports?

(anyone with specific advice related to how best to obtain a new KLR 650 in the area is encouraged to comment on that)



Due to a broken washer, we may have to visit a laundromat this week.

Are there any relatively non-sketchy laundromats in the north Seattle area (University, Wallingford, Ballard, Phinney, Greenwood, etc.) that have free wi-fi?

How much do laundromats cost, anyway? I've never used one in this country. Is there some "laundromat etiquette" I should be aware of?


P.S. - We went to the dump this weekend to toss a futon mattress and I said a prayer for jameth's mattress while peering over the edge into the pit of trash below. R.I.P.
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I have a kitty that needs a good loving home. 

His name is Elmo, he's 3 1/2 years old and very cute lil Black and white kitty. My daughter has some severe health problems and we can't really risk her getting an infection of any kind. So the doctor suggested finding a new home for the kitty. He's ok with other animals, although a bit skittish about dogs. He is fixed & all shots up to date.  He'd be a great pet for someone who wants a snuggle bunny at night. He goes outside, but is also litter box trained. 

Let me know if your interested.
Edit: I'm in Olympia, but work in Lakewood. I would bring him as far as Seattle if someone was truly interested. :)
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Seattle, where do you buy your morning coffee? Which barista makes the best espresso in the city? Now's the time to tell of all of Seattle why your coffee house is the place to be.