February 20th, 2006

drop dead sexy


BLUE MONDAY (synthpop music!)
At the Vogue, Seattle
Monday, Feb 20th 2006
FREE! For the 21+ crowd

It worked so well that we're gonna do it PERMANENTLY! A monday night club AND it's free!

There has rarely ever been anything to do on Monday nights in Seattle......AND there has never been a DJ night that is geared specifically toward Synthpop music......well, NOW THERE IS......Brought to you by the freaks at MusicWerks.

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dog grooming

My six month old westie is in dire need of his first grooming. Does anyone know of any reputable groomers in the greater Seattle area (I'm in the Central District) who have experience with grooming this breed? I prefer individual groomers over exorbitantly overpriced doggie spas. No PetSmart/PetCo recommendations please. Thanks in advance.
First Day in Rome

Mardi Gras

Will Seattle ever regain its Fat Tuesday luster since the 2001 Pioneer Square disaster? I honestly haven’t really done anything for Mardi Gras since then. We went through the “Family Friendly” phase in 02…then what happened?

I was at Pioneer Square in 01, wasn’t it the day before the earthquake? kindof freaked me out. At first it seemed like some mad, cathartic, uninhibited fun. Then it was clear things were getting out of hand. I sometimes think what a catastrophe it would have been if that earthquake happened only a few hours earlier.

1) anyone have any stories from that night?
2) anyone know of something cool going on in Seattle?…aside from the standard Jazz at the New Orleans. (not to be underestimated btw)
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