February 18th, 2006

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being fired instead of being laid off / unemployment insurance / references?

A friend of mine who lives in the Seattle area posted about this in her journal earlier today but is understably too upset to post about it here.

Her husband was terminated for "misconduct" and they both think it's because the company doesn't want to pay unemployment insurance. (Rather than lay him off, they fired him.) They read him a list of stuff (none of which I know anything about) they said he did wrong and he disagreed with most of it, meaning that they probably made a lot of it up and just wanted to have to pay one less salary. This company has a pattern of doing this. They did this to a former co-worker of his last year too, and he was an awesome employee. Her husband always told her that the company really liked his work there, that he got along well with his lead, etc. This came from out of nowhere and he thinks they are pretty wrong about the "misconduct thing."

She thinks that it's terrible because he won't be able to use this company as a reference now. He's been with them since November of 2004. I think you can use any place you've worked at as a reference. That it's against the law for a company to say why the employee no longer works there. But maybe I'm wrong.

She's worried that since he was fired he can't get unemployment insurance. He was laid off in 2002 and got unemployment because he was laid off, not fired. They are looking to find out what the restrictions are. Is there some way to challenge the label of being fired for misconduct when you go to apply for unemployment insurance?

Thanks for any advice you can provide :-)
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The infamous Seattle accent

Bringing this debate back.
I think I've found a few things which people from this area tend to do:
extend vowel sounds (most notably the A sound as it's used in the word "cat")
make statements which aren't questions with raised intonation as if they are questions
say the word "both" with an L in it (bolth)

I don't believe any of these came up in the last topic about the northwest accent.
Fremont Zombie #2

Zombies Eat Bush

Attn: Interesting & edgy Anti-Bush photoshoot on President’s Day (Monday)!

In honor of President's Day, let's show our fine leader what we really think of him. I've been "dying" to get a photo shoot of zombies taking down GW Bush and "eating him" for the Dead Awake performance art group. I have a GW Bush mask and some costuming accoutrements to share. Just show up at 2:00 pm at Westlake Plaza in your best Zombie makeup and have a little toothy fun being dissident! Expect Photographers, Zombies and stilters participating in the gorefest!

Mon, Feb 20th 2:00pm-3:30pm

Feel free to help us with shout outs with words/concepts you would love to see Zombies diS-embowel from the Bush Administration.

for more info: http://tribes.tribe.net/deadawake

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Bar Time for Happy Hour?

So I was at Barca last night for happy hour, and when I got my bill none of the drinks I ordered were at happy hour prices. I thought it was an obvious mistake, so I asked about it. The bartender informed me that they work off of Bar Time® and I had ordered my drinks after the cut-off point.

Has anyone ever encountered this before? I understand the concept of Bar Time for moving up last call. You don't want a pile of people ordering their last drinks at 2am and then staying until 3. You want them out the door by 2. Makes sense. But there's no justifiable reason to do this for happy hour, and moreover they didn't make any kind of announcement to that effect (e.g. "Happy hour is ending at 6:45, not 7!") I felt a little gypped, but paid up and left. Not sure if I'll be going back there, though. At least not for happy hour.