February 17th, 2006


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Anyone know where I could find a black & white photo booth, preferably down near Pier 55? I'm sure one of those tourist places like Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe has to have one. Pike Place area would be fine too.

memory foam mattress

Does anyone out there have a temperpedic or other sort of memory foam bed? Do people have an opinion on weather or not they're worthwhile and which type is the best value for the money. I'd love some info to help me make a decision. thanks.
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Dear small markets of Seattle Greater Metropolitan Area:

A delicatessen, or deli, is a place where you should be able to buy freshly sliced cold cuts, and in some cases cheese. Other foods are allowable, like potato salad, or dill pickles, or such things that might be good with a sandwich, which you also have the option of making.

That your shitty excuse for a convenience store bought a stack of ham and american on white bread sandwiches and put them on your shelves two months ago does not meet the criteria to allow you to slap "deli" on your awning, let alone DARE to name yourself "the [whatever] deli", anymore than that dusty box of Sutter Home White Zinfandel makes you a winery or a stale pack of Hostess Donettes lets you call yourself a god damned bakery.

There are lots of terms to describe yourself with: minimart, convenient store, maybe corner market where appropriate, and grocery is pushing the boundaries of reason. The fuckers in Michigan have the hubris to call themselves "party stores". Right bastards.

Now I recognize that I've only been here a few months, so maybe I'm just not hip to local naming conventions or whatever, but I really want to be able to find a decent sandwich. I can't piss ten feet without hitting a Subway, but I REALLY want to be able to find a decent sandwich or cuts when I want them. Yes, I know the supermarkets have delis built in, but they're soulless, and their pastrami always sucks ass.

Any suggestions? Tell me your favorites.

Yes, I've already checked memories and with the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.
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Ah . . . boredom

While cutting up carrots for a snack, I composed the basics of the following.
Don't read too much into it, this is just a bit of fun.

An Ode To seattle

Green City north
Roads back and forth,
Canadian snow.
Whenever it blows
Paranoia grows
and Fox News overeacts.
Steve Pool keeps us cool,
snark is the rule, and the
rain gets us all wet.
Oh, the people we see today
Every day, in every way
Here are but a few.

The man, the king,
master of the dance of swing.
When in a cafe,
you mention it on Eljay,
to there we all run.
You leader of men,
your mattress is mentioned again.
You still can't understand why.

Name of a noble
A mod we all know.
Fair to a point
not a nose out of joint.
For all your hard work,
you get but a thank you.
Tis never enough
What you really need is a net
and some pay you should get,
but there is only this rhyme.

Witty and smart
Your comments cut to the point.
Pictures you have
amusing us all
we love how you stay on the ball.
You go around
commenting abounds
and your posts are funny too.

You take phots of women
tis your stock in trade,
but occasionaly others are made.
Nature, the city, even your own backyard.
Visual cues both near and afar.
But hey let's face it,
the men are basic
and the women you shoot make us want more.

Photos galore
we cry for more.
Seattle we see through your lens.
You name comes from a turtle
and animal with a hard shell.
It still schooled a rabbit
who probably had a habit
and I don't mean a nun.
It's a pity you're taken
You're better than bacon
And more heart-healthy too.

Jameth's Mattress
Discarded by Jameth
you lay there and wept.
To the dump you finally went.
New life you found,
as we won't let you die
into a meme you've become.

Thank you
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Hair help...


I recently moved to Seattle and I am looking for a place to get my hair cut.

I have unruly thick hair so I need someone that's handy with thinning hair out and not making me look like I let a 6 year old do my hair. I would also like to pay less than 45 bucks.

Any location will do, I just would like some input.

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