February 16th, 2006

Local phone spam: Anovian?

So my wife and I went to voice over IP a while ago, and we continually get about four or five calls a day from machines designed to sound like people.

A typical message goes something like this: "Hi, this is Chuck from Satellite promotions. Sorry I wasn't able to reach you, but you've been randomly selected for..." (this, despite me shouting over the recording to be quiet, acknowledge me, etc etc). Also, frequently we get hang-up calls from the same caller IDs (I'm guessing these are what the machines are gunning for, the chance to leave messages in voicemail).

Frequently, the caller ID rings these through as "ANOVIAN" or (most frequently) "800 Service." I've contacted the state attorney general's office as automated sales calls are illegal in the state, but most of these are, I think, from out of state companies. I've also noted if I call the 800 numbers they leave as contact info, the company I call claims to have no knowledge of any phone spamming they are doing and is usually located out of state anyhow.

We've added our number to the national do-not-call registry several times, and several months ago. Anyone else in Seattle getting the same calls, and maybe capable of figuring out who owns the companies generating them? I'd love to have those people's phone numbers...
Jaime Paris

Seattle Open Mics

Anyone know of some good acoustic open mics?

Here’s my report on the few I’ve checked out:

  • Revenna Third Place Books – Very laid back, with nice welcoming people. But I was the only one without a beard or a banjo.
  • Hop Vine – Pretty cool, a little cramped
  • Green Room (Showbox Downtstairs) Been a while, but last time I was there it was more electric.
  • Crossroads Mall – This one I haven’t been to yet. But WTF it’s in a food court!
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We've All Been There

Hey everyone - I wanted to invite you down to see our new sketch comedy show, Train of Thought > Breaking Up - sketch comedy about love, dating and getting rid of that very special someone. We only have four more shows! (full show details below)

We've had amazing sold out crowds and great press reviews too:

Seattle Weekly Performance Pick: “a hilarious Valentine's-Day-be-damned tribute” – Sara Niegowski

"one hour o' laughs...with a cynical been-there eye" – Audrey Hendrickson, Seattlest

Plus our theater has a full bar and the seating is couches and comfy chairs!

More information about us can be found at our site: www.trainofthought.info

See you there!
John / Ryan / Matt - Train of Thought

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Cult of Youth reading at Counfounded books this Sunday Feb19

The Cult of Youth Project

C.O.Y. Reader #1 – "Traveling beyond our means"

Reading at Confounded Books

6:00 PM Sunday Feb 19, 2006
315 E Pine, Seattle, 98122 (right by Bauhaus)
Admission FREE ~ Donations Accepted

Featuring: Lindsey Rae Gjording, Julia Gfroerer, Marianne Goldin, A.D. Huebner, Dwight Jonsson, and Margaritte Knezek

Cult of Youth is organized in partnership with Sedrat Arts
(www.sedrat.org), a multidisciplinary arts support and development

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Common sense

Gas prices are still higher than most people would like. Today, I discovered a reason why. I decided to eat my lunch outside at a park near my office. A few minutes after I arrived, someone in a huge SUV pulled into the parking lot area. The driver proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes gabbing on their cell phone while shoveling fast food into their gaping maw. The entire time, they let their SUV loudly idle next to me.

They wasted not only gasoline, but spewed out who-knows-how-much pollution into the air for 45 minutes. I know it's a bit chilly outside, but I sat out there without a jacket and wearing a skirt for 50 minutes and didn't have any problems. Maybe our gasoline wouldn't be so expensive if all of us in Seattle stopped wasting our resources in such a manner.

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There's no excuse

On Sunday, the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project's Seattle clinic will be performing free spaying and neutering to help reduce the population of homeless cats in this area and curb the increasing number of pets euthanized by area animal shelters. Appointments can be arranged by calling 206-528-8125.

Information about the clinic is online at: www.feralcatproject.org.
Seattle Parks and Recreation

Dinner and a Movie at LHCC

Come this Friday to Loyal Heights Community Center to enjoy the movie Herbie Fully Loaded and dinner.

Movie starts at 6:30 PM.

$3.00 per person, or $10.00 per family.

Loyal Heights Community Center
2101 NW 77th
Seattle, WA 98117
(206) 684-4052
Baumer - Hearts are so small

Help needed tonight in Seattle

I'm not in Seattle tonight but understand that the police department has asked Operation Nightwatch to provide two civilians from 8 to midnight to accompany officers cruising around trying to convince homeless people to come in for the night (to various shelters) due to the expected very cold weather. No prior training/experience needed, just willing people. Please call Rick if you can help: (206) 714-6933 (all questions should be directed to him, this is all the information I have).

Update: Thanks, Seattle! Two volunteers were found.

SCREENING: BHUTANESE FILM "PRICE OF LETTER", 2/26 at 3pm, Central Cinema, Seattle

Sunday, February 26 at 3:00 PM

Seattle premiere of "Price of Letter" (Ugyen Wangdi, Bhutan, 2004, 68min), Best Documentary - 2005 Brooklyn International Film Festival

Venue: Central Cinema at 21st and Union, Seattle
Admission: $5
Presented by Tasveer: http://www.tasveer.org

Lingshi is a mountain village situated at an altitude of 12,000 feet in the Great Himalayan region of Bhutan. It is a four-day trek through the wilderness from Bhutan's capital city, Thimphu. 49 year-old Ugen Tenzin has been Lingshi's postal runner for 26 years. This documentary follows his journey in the winter when the route is snowbound and in mid-summer when the monsoons lash out. Ugen spends twelve to fifteen days of the month traveling. Despite the risks and the tiring ascents and descents of high mountains and valleys, he plans to continue until his retirement.