February 15th, 2006

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Not much (and nothing recent) listed about this in memories--

I need to find a good--and trustworthy--dry cleaner, somewhere in or around Capitol Hill, downtown, or the U District. I've heard only so-so recommendations for places, and the thing I need cleaned is a $400 suede bag, so I need a place I can really trust not to fuck it up. And preferably one that will guarantee their services (none of this "we're not responsible for damages" bullshit.) Yes, I checked citysearch, nothing much there either. If you've got any tips on who to AVOID, that'd be nice too.

Filming in Seattle

This morning, there was a film crew filming a movie in front of the 4th and Madison building (across the street from the new library). I get dropped off there in the morning for work and had a guy tapping our window asking us to move along, they needed the area clear. Anyone know what they're filming in town? When we asked, he just said "a movie".

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Yesterday while driving up Alaskan way, a pair of cyclists who had stopped on the sidewalk and dismounted their bikes, really angrily flipped me off for no reason at all. Like, double deuce kind of angrily. This begs the question:

what is wrong with you crazy cyclists

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Get hammered at Hardwick's!

Last week, my brother (peristaltor, not metalmensch) told me about Hardwick's, a hardware store two blocks north of the University Bridge, on Roosevelt. You could call it Seattle's most central hardware store. But I call it a city treasure.

Hardwick's reminds me of the dense hardware store I knew in Brooklyn, where there's no warehouse for rent, and every inch from basement to rafters is a multi-decade cleverness at fitting the crap you need into the bizarre space you have. Hardwicks has that crap you need: Lag bolts, lightbulbs, pincers, dowels, expoxies, pails... it's all crammed in there. But there's also Collapse )

Seattle gift by tomorrow?


I live in CA and my neighbors are moving to Seattle tomorrow... they just got back yesterday from checking your town out for christsakes... so they fell in love with it obviously!

Anyway, I want to give them a 'bye present, something they can use in Seattle that I can buy online and give them tomorrow, something local-business-owned. Does anyone have any ideas? They aren't extreme in their tastes.

Thank you!
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What's with this flurry of people trying to avoid hippies when looking for recommendations?

Are there even hippies any more? It's been 40 years since their heyday, after all...
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