February 14th, 2006



So I'm thinking of signing up for a Flexcar membership. Does anyone have any experience with it? I'd probably only need to use it a few times a month for 1-2 hours at a time.

I live in Capitol Hill. Is anyone using Flexcar there?

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So sunday I lost my wallet in the u-dist/campus. I've looked in the five places it could be (home, metro lost and found, UW lost and found, my work's lost and found, co-workers car)

I have no current forms of ID. is there some sort of list of things someone in my situation could bring to the DMV to try to get a new ID.

at most i believe i have:
birth certificate
social secruity card stub (that larger piece of paper my social security card was attached to)
W-2s (from 3 different eployers)
pay check stubs (i doubt these will matter)
many personal check stubs (i keep them all)

nothing with my photograph on it though.
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Seattle Underground?!?!

My parents are coming for a visit in March-ish... I was thinking about going on the Underground Tour, but I've heard it's dark, tight enclosed spaces, and has a lot of rats. My mom is REALLY claustrophobic, and none of us are huge fans of rodents. Is this true?

Thanks for your help, I didn't see anything in the memories on this specifically.
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awesome music this Thursday

Posted for not-yet-renamed brokenhearts:

yep, your favorite local band is playing
Madison's Cafe again this Thursday at 8pm!

3803 Delridge Way, West Seattle
(immediately on your right off the Delridge exit of the W Seattle bridge)

join us in welcoming our new drummer, Patrick Logue, who moved from Orlando just to play with us, and help us secure a new name -yeah, we're not the only folk in the world called 'the brokenhearts' :(

thus far our finest band name suggestions are:
-leda and the swans
-vengence and the gods of fertility
-lolly ice and the bayonettes
-the frugals
-melancholic contraption
so, clearly, we need your creative juices..... see you there!
Shanna, Sean, Chad, and Patrick (and 10 instruments)
lil sparklee!
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take your friend milton

i can't make it to the post alley film festival because it falls on the same day as my motorcycle lessons (saturday, february 25)... but it looks cool enough that i figured i'd repost it so that perhaps one of you could attend in my stead ;)

it's a series of short films, some with such appealing titles as "meatclown", "how to go on a man date", "milton is a shitbag", and "hello titty". proceeds go to benefit the pike place market childcare for low/moderate income families.
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Late request..

So, my brother and his wife are on there way up to Seattle for a few days, and it being Valentines day (not that I celebrate hallmark holidays) and all I figure I would take them and my sister and her hubby out for a drink. I am wondering if anyone knew of some good jazz going on tonight, or some other form of mellow music, somewhere we could get a drink and just sit and relax for a bit. Anyone, anyone? Bueler!? Thanks in advance folks and have a loverly evening..


I am looking for a new psychiatrist. I'm not really looking for a hippie. It would also be a plus if the person's office is easily accessible by bus (downtown or Belltown would be preferable) and accepts my insurance plan (Regence).

I checked the memories and the last mental health post wasn't really applicable so I thought I would see if there was anything more current.

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the infamous mattress??

okay, so i have been in the seattle community here for what seems like forever, but i think i missed the original mattress post. all i know is it involves jameth, a big mattress, and gay sex.

i have seen lots of posts referencing said mattress, but to be fully up to speed, i would like to read the original mattress post.

can someone please kindly point me to it? i have checked the memories, which are a)not consistently working, and b)don't seem to reference it where i thought i may find it (when they are working).


EDIT: God, I love you, Seattle. You are so fast and efficient. While none of the posts quite found what I was looking for, going a few posts back brought up this wonderful post: http://community.livejournal.com/seattle/3039763.html . Vive le mattresse! Thanks Seattle, you guys and girls are awesome.

2nd EDIT: I was too hasty on the first edit. Lookie what I found: http://community.livejournal.com/seattle/3033374.html VOILA, THE ORIGINAL MATTRESS POST.

someone tag my damn entry with "mattress" so no one has to go through what i did. all the n00bs will thank you someday.