February 11th, 2006


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beautiful Saturday morning. anyone have a good place to go bike riding with as few starts/stops as possible (besides Greenlake)?

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i tried. but no go. thus, i rely on you folks and your ideas. i know this is dangerous.
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What movers provide the best value for your dollar? Who have you used in your move and how much did they charge? Any minimum time requirements?(edited to add...someone who just moved to town with noone to bribe with goodies.)
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Volunteer Park

Even though it's a bit chilly, this morning was the perfect time to go for a short walk to Volunteer Park.

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If you would like a larger version of any of these images, just drop a comment. I resize to conserve space on my website.

Wine Enthusiasts!

Are you looking for a great place for wine from around the globe? I recently built the website for my friends wine cellar now named Maple Leaf Cellar, previously Roosevelt Cellar, located in the heart of the Maple Leaf neighborhood. Check them out, they are super friendly and have a great selection and care free attitude!

9634 Roosevelt Way NE; Seattle, WA 98115 | (206) 523-1333


Fremont Zombie #2

Zombies Eat Bush!

Hello ya’ll,

In honor of President's Day, let's show our fine leader what we really think of him. I've been "dying" to get a photo shoot of zombies taking down GW Bush and "eating him". This bit of street theater is part of Dead Awake, an art group to be represented in various "art of resistance" showings later this summer. I have a GW Bush mask and some costuming accoutrements to share. Just show up at 2:00 pm at Westlake Center in your best Zombie makeup and have a little toothy fun being dissident!

Zombies, Photographers and Stilters much appreciated!


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I will be possibly moving from the glorious east side to Seattle soon. I've found a possibly-decent apartment but am somewhat concerned about the neighborhood.

Do any of you hang out near this area, or know whether there is lots of uncool activity going on around here:


...it is right next to the Sweedish medical center, and a few blocks west of Garfield high school.

I tried checking Seattle crime stats and they appear pretty high in that region, but I think they may be a little lower in that specific area but the stats are just not granular enough.

EDIT: commentary on what the traffic is like between this intersection and wherever you get onto 520 to go east is also welcome.