February 9th, 2006

Personal trainer?

Hi friends! I checked the memories - but not too much was there.

Can you reccomend a good personal trainer to me? By "good" I mean someone who doesn't cost an incredible amount, but will push me to work out (cardio and weight training). I don't have equiptment at my house, so they need to be employed by a gym or willing to meet me at a gym. If this person worked on the Eastside that would be ideal.

Thanks! :)
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Decent not-too-expensive bike?

I'm planning on getting a bike with my tax return, and I haven't got the faintest idea where to start looking. I'm thinking of the $200-300 range, if not a little less.

I know there's a lot to choosing a bike; I want it mainly for riding around Federal Way, which is relatively flat where I want to go. Maybe the parks, possibly work. Work, however, is on First Hill. So one of my main concerns: excellent brakes. I may be bombing down the hill to wherever I'm getting the bus (probably Jackson, at the end of the ride-free zone, where I can load the bike).

I most likely won't take the bike to work daily, perhaps once or twice a week, but y'all probably know what those roads are like heading off the hills. I wanna make sure the brakes don't go out and I end up in Puget Sound.

I'm not a power-rider or anything like that, or else I'd get one of the better Trek models (what else? I'm trek_grrl after all!) But I want something more than a POS like I had when I lived on Capitol Hill and would bomb down John Street to Broadway!

(Thanks for any constructive input y'all can get. I checked the memories and didn't find anything addressing purchasing a new bike.)
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So, I posted on Monday about sending out 50% off cards for people to come get their hair done by me at Gene Juarez Academy at Northgate. You can view the entry and pricelist here.

Thanks for such a tremendous response! Everyone that gave me their address - your cards have been mailed out!

I have 15 left...who wants them?
Joshua Tree
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bad sushi at QFC

I mean very badly made. I don't know if it's going to make me sick, but I'm suspicious enough to have tossed the rest of it into the freezer, to keep as evidence if I have to make some kind of medical complaint and sue their asses. And I don't have freezer space to waste.

It's the spicy salmon roll. Not especially spicy, but that's fine. The problem is the salmon itself. It's just not sushi-grade fish. It's tough and chewy and slimy, weird/dull-tasting, NOTHING like any salmon sushi I've ever had, and I've had a lot. It's as if they just took some raw fish from the fish department and cut it up. They obviously tried to get really cheap with the fish (I do realize that it's only supermarket sushi) and they used something which might have been O.K. cooked, but won't work for sushi.

I'm disgusted, and furious, and I will NEVER buy sushi at QFC again.
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Lost dog in Burien

*Edit. I should have mentioned that this isn't my dog, but someone I'm trying to help out.*


Reply to: tnelligan@comcast.net
Date: 2006-02-09, 2:46PM PST

I dont know how it happened but my little Molly vanished from our yard this morning. We live just off of 124th and Ambaum in Burien. She was not wearing a collar or ID. She is a tiny Jet black Schipperke with a stubby little tail.
There is a reward of $200.00 Please call Tom at 206-459-0955 or 206-242-1436

This picture is not her but what the breed should look like.
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FREE Dyke Comedy A Cappella Show & CD Release Party

Dear Dykes, Divas, Mullets, and Queens:
You are invited to attend DISH's DEBUT CD RELEASE PARTY!

WHEN: Wed. February 15, 7 - 9PM
WHERE: SALON ZAFFA 1550 N 34th St. between Wallingford & Fremont,
across from Essential Bakery (free parking)
WHAT: Pick up your DISH CD & t-shirt, enjoy refreshments & mingle &
DISH will perform your favorite hits!

Be one of the first to purchase DISH's self-titled first album, which
includes fan faves "Dykey Girl", "The Woman with 10 Cats", "Amazing
Taste", and "Princess Xena".

Said one DISHy fan:

"DISH rocked the show at the Verbena Auction
in November. Imagine the transformation of KD Lang's 'Constant
Craving' into 'Constant Shaving' from the point of view of a sex change!
Very funny writing, done with perfect vocal
supporting parts. It makes
for a very entertaining car commute - a great purchase!"

Come get a taste of Dirty, Delisha, Diva, Sugar, Candy, Saucy, and Deep
DISH, and with your new CD, you can taste us any time you're hungry for
irrreverently scrumptious a cappella.

Driving Directions:
Salon Zaffa is located 1 block north of GasWorks park. An easy way
to get there is to come from 45th street in Wallingford (45th street
exit off I-5); turn south/left onto Wallingford Ave (QFC will be on
your right); at the 2nd stop-light, go right onto 34th street. Go
two blocks, and the Salon will be on your right after you pass
Essential Bakery. It is between Woodlawn and Carr Place. From 99
North, take the Bridge Way N exit (first exit at end of Aurora
bridge), go right on Stone Way; take a Left at 34th street. Go one
long block (past the dump on your left), and Salon Zaffa will be on
your left.