February 7th, 2006


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The memories section is unavailable.

I am looking for cat sitter recommendations - particularly for the North Seattle area.

Thank you!

Edit: I'm looking for someone to come to my home in North Seattle while I am on vacation.
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Poll #668568 What would you do?

If you stole an SUV, what would you do with it?

Use it to transport poor lonely mattresses to a better home
Paint it to look like the monorail and offer rides for $2 to Belltown hookers
Transform into "Soccer Mom", the stylish modern MILF.
Set up a tent in the back and camp in it
Fill it with grande latte cups.

The 4th answer just happened to my friend.
jigga wha? guuurl...don't even
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Hellllloooooo Seattle! My roommate, Katy needs 15 more kind souls to take a survey by tonight. Here's the why and how:

"Will you please help me out with a project for my class by taking this survey for me? It is for social research project on the public's opinion of the War in Iraq. All answers will be anonymous.

Please simply go to this site and the results will instantly be forwarded to me: http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?id=143965

And then, if you really want to be a doll, forward it on to other people you know who might be interested. Thank you!!!"

I know a bunch of you were already spammed with this on my journal...but she needs some more victims, I mean volunteers.

thank you thank you thank you thank you!

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There are times when I feel I hate this city and yearn to escape.

But then there are other times like today when I'm reminded how wonderful Seattle is, reminded why I stay here. Driving into Seattle across 520, the skies were clear, the city set at the base of white, majestic mountains, above which the sky glowed a bright blue. The lines were all blurred, the colors seemingly faded as in a dream. Like a watercolor painting. *sigh* Too bad I didn't get a picture.

I love you, Seattle.

Goodbye, Seattle

I am leaving you for a new city. It's on the other coast.

Breaking up is hard. I will always remember the thing we did that time.



Here are the lyrics to Closing Time by SemiSonic:

Closing time - time for you to go out, go out into the world.
Closing time - turn the lights up over every boy and every girl.
Closing time - one last call for alcohol, so finish your whiskey or beer.
Closing time - you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
Take me home...

Closing time - time for you to go back to the places you will be from.
Closing time - this room won't be open 'til your brothers or you sisters
So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exits - I hope you have found
Closing time - every new beginning comes from some other beginning'send.

Yeah, I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
Take me home...

Closing time - time for you to go back to the places you will be from...

I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
I know who I want to take me home.
Take me home...

Closing time - every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...
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NFL Defends Super Bowl Officiating

The NFL came out Tuesday and said they were fine with the hotly-debated officiating in the Super Bowl.

Two days after the Steelers beat the Seahawks 21-10 in the NFL title game, the league said Tuesday that no mistakes were made by the game officials, although Seattle coach Mike Holmgren might disagree.

"The game was properly officiated, including, as in most NFL games, some tight plays that produced disagreement about the calls made by the officials," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement.

Full story here (link fixed)

/me dons Flame Retardant Suit
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Contact The NFL...

Anyone who wants to tell the NFL what they think of the officiating during the Superbowl can write to:

National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Address it to Paul Tagliabue. And try and get anyone out of state to do it as well so the NFL knows it's not just sore loser speak. National papers and ESPN are raking the Superbowl refs over the coals as well, and personally, I don't think the Seahawks played well enough to win. Stevens couldn't catch a cold that day. But the team should have been playing the Steelers, not the referees.
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I live and work in the city, so I'm blessed with the ignorance of rush hour traffic. However, this week I'm housesitting for a friend in Renton so I'm wondering if you fine people could help me out and tell me what time I should leave Renton to get to work in Seattle (U District) by 8. I've done the drive millions of times before, but never during rush hour and I don't know exactly how much time it tacks on.

Thanks in advance!

Food Stamps

I need to know what program I need to look into to get food stamps. I am a student who has recently fallen into pretty bad financial termoil and I need help. I googled it, but saw there were a few different sites to apply at. Anyone have experience with this? I could use some helpful hints.

thank you in advance.