February 6th, 2006

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Hey photography geeks - do you know where I can get a contact sheet made for large format negatives?
I'm also looking for a place that prints large format negatives.


Cooking and Auto Repair

Two questions, both have been searched in memories and google, but still want personal opinions or ideas from this community.

First off and most importantly, I was rear ended back in November. I finally got the go-ahead to get my car fixed. Its an '05 Acura TSX and want to take it too a good, reliable place. The dealership in Bellevue gave me a few numbers, but they're all in Bellevue and I'm too young to rent the cars I was offered. So I'm looking for something in the University District area, something accessiable by bus.

And on a more fun note,
My boyfriend and I are looking for cooking classes. We know Whole Foods offers them, but we're looking for something more ineractive. This time it can be anywhere, Seattle & Eastside.


Recommend a doctor

After checking the memories, it looks like people have good things about the people at the Polyclinic. Lucky me, it's very convenient to where I live, so I'm thinking of looking for my primary care physian there.

Can anyone recommend a good PCP at the Polyclinic? I would prefer someone who is younger and male. Thanks!

[If you'd like to respond in private, feel free to email me directly.]
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Does anyone know the law in Washington regarding paid vs. unpaid training? Or where I can find it? I searched the WAC site a couple of times, and the internet as a whole, but with no results.

Radio Golf ticket

Anybody want my ticket to Radio Golf this Sunday the 12th at 2pm? It's for Section 1, Row M, Seat 6.

I bought it for $10 to see with my Modern Drama class but ended up seeing it last week. It's yours for $5 if you want it, but you have to pick it up at Seattle U.
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I'm sure I'm gonna get flamed for this, but hey. Everyone gets flamed for everything in this community.

Anyhow, I'm about halfway done with the cosmetology program at Gene Juarez at Northgate. I really want to bring more request clients into my chair, and this is the last month that I can send out 50% off cards. So, if you would like a card to get 50% off your entire service with me, leave me a comment with your email address, and I'll email you to get your address (since they're only valid with a postmark). My specialties are foiling and cutting...I have been on the floor 40 hours a week for 3 months now, and have not had one person leave my chair unhappy!

If you would like a price list, it can be found behind the cut. Thanks!


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