February 5th, 2006

reason #59872 why seattle is not a real city

No one delivers pizza at 2AM on a Saturday night to Capitol Hill.

For crying out loud, any real city will have a plethora of choices to get food delivered to you when the bars close. But does Seattle have anything that delivers at that time? Not even fucking Domino's delievers at that time. Why do you close everything up so early, Seattle?!

Just some ideas.

Yes, I am bored.

But I was just pondering some questions in my head about Seattle's Traffic, well actually, Puget Sound Region Traffic. Here are some suggestions, and if there are any scientists or DOL workers please do comment on why or why not these would be a bad idea:

Mukilteo/Clinton Suspension Bridge.

I know its probably too long of a span to connect Seattle with Bremerton but what about Mukilteo with Clinton? Why have a ferryboat for such a short run? Is the water too deep? If one could build the bridge high enouph, for the aircraft carriers to get into Everett, then why arn't we going there?

Lake Washington Suspension Bridges.

Okay so why do we have floating bridges? We have to close them if there are highwinds, one of them sank fifteen years ago, why not make it simple? Off course instead of being stuck on a bridge at sea level you would be hundreds of feet in the air. . . not good for Vertigo drivers.


What does everyone think about the whole Monorail fiasco? Why not run it up the interurban trail in Snohomish County? Up to Marysville? Bellingham? South to Olympia?

Aqueduct Tunnel

I thought I saw a news report about replacing the viaduct with a tunnel? Was I wrong?


Please comment and I aplogize for Grammer and spelling.

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Super Bowl Predictions from Our Household

My Super Bowl Predictions:
o Ben throws interception in first half (aww it's ok Ben you're still a baby)
o Neither team will have more than 10 going into the third qtr. (new football for each play isn't easy)
o Seattle becomes World Champions 28-16.
o Mass gapping jaws and underwear changes, particularly back east.

My wife is predicting:
o Seattle wins 27-21.

Meringue the cockatiel is predicting:
o Here boy!...kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss....How're you doin' boy?

The 70-ft tree that toppled in our back yard with house-shuddering impact during yesterday's big wind storm is predicting:
o A big green THUD!!!

(...and now, a moment of appreciative silence for the poor wood shed smashed by the Seahawk tree, for sacrificing it's life in order to provide an illustrative metaphor of the soon-to-be-shellshocked Steelers... who really can't handle the Truf...)


Other than the Portage Bay Cafe (which I love, except for the wait time), is there any other breakfast place in the U-District or nearby areas that serves organic/free-range eggs?

It looks like a big-breakfast-and-take-the-pooch-to-Magnuson-Park kind of day.
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Official One & Only Super Bowl XL Thread

Thank you in advance for keeping your predictions and other random drunken excitedness in this single thread and not annoying the non-Seahawk fans in this community by flooding their friends list with multiple posts like we did the last couple of days regarding the weather. That said...

photograph by rod mar of the seattle times

NFL footballTVRadio
3:25 p.m.Super Bowl XL, Seattle vs. PittsburghCh. 4710 AM

moving... schools and commute questions

So I am seriously considering a move from the central district to Greenlake area (just near I-5/wholefoods/65th area). But before I turn in my application for the apartment I was hoping I could get help with a couple questions I have.

My kid goes to school at Orcas alternative school (columbia city) will the district still bus her or will I have to transfer schools (there is no way I could drive her to school in the morning and make it to work)... how does the moving thing work? I would like to eventually if not immediately transfer her to salmon bay in ballard, but who knows if they have openings.


What is the commute like from Greenlake to Capitol Hill (the south end by Madison Market) seeing that I need to be there around 8-8:30am. Can I use the express lanes or are they only for carpools? Hopefully I will be bussing/biking most mornings.

Thanks in advance!

it's disorientating

to head over to pittsburgh.
first of all there is, like, no sardonic aggression. anywhere.
they rarely make it past 20 comments per entry,
even ones relating to the OMGSUPERBOWL.

it's kind of like traveling to a foreign country while wearing a particularly itchy sweater.
it's still earth, but it just does not feel right.

it is, however nice to see them keep a positive attitude in light of the glaring obviousness of the fact that they aren't going to be the winners.
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Piper trip

Lost English Setter in Kirkland

Crossposted. Please contact Cathy Brewer, the original poster, if you have any information.

Update: It's 8th Ave in Kirkland. Paula's # is 206 310-9686

info (at) legendsenglishsetters (dot) com
206 780-6955

Re: Lost English Setter

I need some help for a lost English Setter. Her owner was sick in
bed with the flu. She did not know someone had left her gate open
when she left her out to enjoy a sunny day here. She was last seen
by a neighbor at around 2 p.m.
No other sightings so far. She was lost from her yard in the
Kirkland, Washington area. She is an open marked Orange Bench
English Setter, 6 years old and answers to Lucille or Lucy. She is
microchipped and also had her collar on with her rabies tag on it.
Please feel free to cross post or pass along to other lists or
people that you might know in the Kirkland area. We need to get
the word out. And please send lots of prayers and setters zen for
Lucy to find her way home and back to her very worried owner.

Cathy Brewer
Legends English Setters
Bainbridge Island, WA
206 780-6955

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Superbowl Officials:


How could they miss 2 out of 3 instances of the Steelers specifically moving the ball over the line for first down/TD, and then accept the TD when they specifically SAW the player pick the ball up and move it into the end zone?!

They need to fire the refs and replay that game!

Also, what's with all the calling penalties on the Seahawks, and then ignoring the EXACT same behavior as soon as the next play from the Steelers?!

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