February 4th, 2006

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Tonight at midnight, Seattle's Vicarious Theatre Company presents "bring your mom to Rocky Horror." We always say, "Bring your friends, bring your family - I don't, but you should..." and we really mean it. We're bringing our moms. You bring your moms, or at least dress like them. Or dress like someone else's mom. Are you a mom? Come on out! It's the Rocky Horror "your mom" show. Come'n'gitsum!

You can see the cast line-up and other information for this show here. Also, a side note - Feburary has been a sell-out month for us for the past 2 years, so you might want to get to the theatre early...

Seahawks Clothing?

I went to Fred Meyer in Ballard today looking for some kind of women's Seahawks t-shirt or jersey-type shirt. All they had was a few large gray men's sweatshirts. Is there anywhere else I can go to in the north Seattle area to get something like this? :)

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Where are you watching the game at? I was going to head to some downtown/Pioneer Sq. bar/grill. But with the cover charges and reservations I'm hearing about, and the possibility of being crowded out of anywhere with a TV...

Dinner's Ready? (OMG, a post other than about the weather or superbowl)

Has anyone here used Dinner's Ready before? What did you think of it? I'm considering doing that for my fiance and me, since he's busy finishing school, and I'm busy with work, so we don't feel like spending a lot of time cooking most of the time. I was looking at Dinner's Ready website, and it looks like they only do family sized servings. Since we're only a family of two, that may be a little too much for us.

Are there other local (Seattle/Eastside) companies similar to this you would suggest as well?

Thanks :)

Social services employment.


I've spent some time perusing the memories for this community, but haven't quite found a specific enough answer to my employment related question. I'd appreciate any input or advice!

I'm wondering what the job market is like for those individuals interested in working in social services. I have experience working with adults with developmental disabilities, families living with domestic violence and homeless pre-schoolers -- as well as a BA from a decent university. The job market where I live now is absolutely terrible, what can I expect of Seattle?

rooms for rent?

hey guys, i don't know if this is an appropriate post, but i just wanted to say that i'm looking at a really cool condo for rent in greenlake tomorrow. it is 4 bedrooms and has 1600 square feet and a huge yard, etc, etc, and is only $1350/month, which means only a little more than $300/room. i'm excited and i want to check it out on monday, even though the people that are going to move in with me aren't moving out here until spring. so i was thinking if i do fall in love with this place and decide to get it, does anyone want to live with me for awhile? three months or so. actually if we ended up becoming good friends, you could permanetly live with me if you'd like, because there is one extra room (i only have 2 people moving here in may). sorry if this post is annoying, incoherent, or anything like that, but i just thought i'd share. oh, here's the link to the place, if anyone's at all interested... http://www.rentclicks.com/display.asp?adid=1793c8c6-1bf8-4842-a8f9-c72ba557a777&iid=1

p.s. my name is sarah... i am 23, female, and soo cool. maybe. but yeah, i always get along with housemates.. male or female..

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Coffee Messiah

So did Coffee Messiah close for good or what?
I never see it open, and when I peer into the windows, all the tables seem to be missing...

(sorry if this is a repost)

edit: yes they are closed.
edit: Bimbos, Cha Cha, and Bus Stop are among others that are up next.

thought you guys might appreciate this...or flame me

in a very appropriate bit of mispronunciation today in class, my teacher accidentally referred to the man who we all know (and some of us probably love) as Tim Hymen.

what an appropriate name for a guy who appears to live much of his life with his head shoved up...something.

~~yes i meant to post this in seattle. tim hymen is a uniquely seattle institution, and therefore the majority of those on my friend's list probably don't care.