February 2nd, 2006

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Valentine's Day Themed Sketch Comedy Show Opens Tomorrow

Ever had your heart broken?

We understand. That’s why we wrote our new sketch comedy show, Train of Thought > Breaking Up - sketch comedy about love, dating and getting rid of that very special someone, which opens Friday, February 3rd (tomorrow!) at 10:30 PM at Northwest Actor’s Studio. (full show details below)

Our last show was recommended by The Stranger (“good jokes peppered with pockets of awesome”) and we just returned from performing at the 2006 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.

Plus our theater has a full bar and the seating is couches and comfy chairs!

More information about us can be found at our site: www.trainofthought.info

See you there!
Train of Thought

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TONIGHT: First Thursday Art Show - Rik Garrett

One of the artists who showed at the TAUNT exhibit in December is doing a solo show tonight at Develop Studio:

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Come see this hauntingly beautiful collection of large-format black-and-white photographs by rikgarrett (http://ravished.org). This is a one-night only engagement.

In the past few years, Rik has shown at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, the Tom of Finland Fair and Wingnut Galleries. Rik is currently represented in New York City by Art@Large. Proceeds from this show will benefit Rik's upcoming invitational exhibits, including a show in Switzerland as well as at the 2006 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2006
6-10 p.m.

Develop Studio
within Mnemonic Gallery
Fourth Floor South
619 Western Ave.
Seattle, WA
(in Pioneer Square - cross streets are Western and Yesler)

Jeff Fielder!

Blast from the past.. I used to work with this guy and went to the same high school. He was an extraordinary guitar player and a really nice guy. I'm glad to hear he's still playing and that people are liking what he's doing.

Here's what The Stranger had to say about him: "One of Seattle's most promising artists may fly below the mainstream radar, but he's already earned the respect of his peers in a big way. Jeff Fielder is the kind of guitar player that other musicians love to love—he's wickedly talented from a practical standpoint, but he also exhibits the glee and enthusiasm of a 16-year-old kid who's just discovered the joys of rock. After stints with the Radio Nationals and a handful of other local rock and Americana outfits, he's completed a solo record (no firm release date has been set) that will undoubtedly bring his gifts to a much wider audience."

He's teamed up with some other great musicians including Sera Cahoone who was the drummer for Carissa’s Wierd, touring with Iron and Wine and The Long Winters.. click here to listen>>> http://media-rm.cac.washington.edu/ramgen/isilon/1/8/02/024e1d15-16ed-433a-9fcc-056486fda2fd.rm


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Hey everyone -

I'm located in Queen Anne and I am in search of a bead store (Queen Anne, Magnolia, UDistrict, Ballard) which carries balls of thin hemp/twine. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.
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The Dog Hawktion has ended.

Well, the auction for the infamous Hawk Dog has officially ended after a somewhat anti-climatical end. For several hours before the end of the auction, it remained at $1,525. At the last second, it jumped to $1,800 as its final price. The Golden Palace Casino now owns it. Go figure!

In it's prime, it was damn near $12,000 (maybe more, I wasn't watching that closely). It was also around 138 bids. I was really looking forward to it skyrocketing. However, the opposite rang true. As the final days passed, it's hype seemingly disappeared into the night. The joke bidders who'd artificially raised the price started dropping their bids. That started a domino effect in which a huge number of legit bidders also began to jump ship, bringing it to the price we have today.

Atleast those Arlingtonians got their 15 minutes, yes?

EDIT: And apparently bidding has already begun on the Superbowl Hotdog. The danged thing hasn't happened yet, and the dog... which obviously hasn't even been purchased yet, is already going for $60.