February 1st, 2006

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Been there, ate that, got the T-shirt

I was hanging out in Ballard this weekend, and was it just me? Or does every place in that neighborhood sell a T-shirt. Be it coffee shop, pizza restaurant, bar, music venue… all had their own personal fashion line so you could really make it part of your identity.

Just an observation, it’s good to support the local businesses in anyway you can. Personally, I’m going to wait for the Hot-Shorts line to come out.
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Does anyone know of, have have links to, good theatrical headshot photographers? Heh. Doesn't have to be so specific, but just someone or some people who can take good shots of my head for theatrical purposes. I am willing to pay for the film, development and printing depending on how much the end cost is going to be .. naturally. I'm a struggling artist who struggles with much more then art, so reasonable deals would be nice, but yes, I am desperate right now.

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SweetFest 2006!

Okay, I know Valentine's Day is a buncha Hallmark-sponsored crap, but it's still there and, admit it, you still want to have *something* to do. So, I suggest you come to Zeitgeist Coffee for SweetFest 2006, "Desserts des Fleurs," presented to you by the talented folks at Sugar.

I attended last year's event and I can tell you that it was a lot of fun and the desserts kicked ass -- especially the super-secret goodie bag we got to take home. This year, Sugar is featuring floral-infused and adorned treats, as well as a few surprises.

Bring yourself, your SO, your BFF or your mom.

For reservation and menu details, see here.

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Seattle art opening Thursday (tomorrow!)

Develop Studios presents

the photography of Rik Garrett

a one night art show

6 - 10 pm, Thursday February 2nd

Develop Studios is located within Mnemonic Gallery
Fourth Floor South
619 Western Avenue
(in Pioneer Square)

Stop by, see some of my work and say hello. I'll have an assortment of images for display and sale.

See some of my work here: ravished.org


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Lawyer for defendant in libel/defamation suit?

I tried to check the memories, but they are down.

I can't go into specific details, but I might possibly be the target of a defamation lawsuit due to a website I run. I'm trying to work things out with the other party, but threats have been made against me and I'd like to be prepared and gather a list of names to call just in case. It's my opinion that I've done nothing wrong, so I'd like to fight it all the way.

I'm looking for a Seattle-area attorney who is web-savvy, great with details, and has a sense of humor. Any suggestions?
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Mayor declares Friday 'Go Hawks Day' in Seattle

    Mayor declares Friday 'Go Hawks Day' in Seattle
    Encourages everyone to wear team colors and attend noon rally at Westlake

    SEATTLE - Mayor Greg Nickels today proclaimed Friday, Feb. 3, "Go Hawks Day" and encouraged everyone in Seattle to wear the team's blue and green colors all day to show Seattle's unbounded enthusiasm for the team as it prepares for its first Super Bowl.

    The centerpiece of "Go Hawks Day" will be a noon rally in Westlake Park, featuring some of the area's great sports stars, past and present, to lead fans in a rousing cheer for the best Seahawks team in history. Everyone is invited to attend this event and show their support for the Seahawks and to show Pittsburgh the depth of Seattle's blue and green pride.

    "This is a great moment for all of us, whether you've been a Seahawks fan for 30 years or three weeks," Nickels said. "We are all bursting with pride and anticipation. So let’s join together as a city on Friday and give the world a taste of what Blue Thunder means!"

    Nickels also officially announced his friendly Super Bowl XL bet with Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor today.

    On the table from Seattle: Starbucks coffee, Larry's Smokehouse salmon, Pike Place beer, Pagliacci pizza, Dilettante chocolates, dinner for two at the Space Needle, a compact disc sampler of great Seattle bands, and two bottles of Washington wine.

    Mayor O'Connor is countering with a "Taste of Pittsburgh" tailgate smorgasbord that includes: Bloomfield Bridge Tavern Pierogis & Kolbassa; Nicholas Brothers Coffee; Heinz ketchup and fries; Iron City beer; Primanti Brothers famous Pittsburgh sandwich (which stacks grilled meat, coleslaw, tomatoes, a fried egg and french fries between two slabs of Italian bread), among other items.

    "This is a great spread," Nickels said. "We are betting the best of Seattle and Washington because we know that on Sunday the Seahawks are going to make us all proud. When they win, I'm going to donate all these great treats to Northwest Harvest to help others in need."

    The mayor called on fans across the region to remember the less fortunate while shopping for Super Bowl parties and to pick up a few extra items to donate to Northwest Harvest. Collection bins will be placed at five stores around Seattle, and Northwest Harvest will have special food drop-off sites for Super Bowl XL Sunday at City Hall and at Westlake Park during the rally.

    The list of stores include:

    Albertsons, 13050 Aurora Ave. N.
    QFC, 11100 Roosevelt Way N.E.
    Larry’s Market, 10008 Aurora Ave. N.
    Safeway, 7300 Roosevelt Way N.E.
    Madison Market, 1600 E. Madison St.
    UPS Stores throughout Seattle

Reviews of The Wedding Singer at the 5th Ave?

Hello everyone,

I had seen the print ads for the show but didn't know anything about it (wasn't even sure if it was related to the movie) until the Seattle Weekly cover story.

Stephen Lynch as the lead? Brilliant!

But is it good? Please post your reviews if you are going during the run here in Seattle. It would be nice to hear local opinions before it goes to Broadway, and help me decide if it's worth spending money on good seats.


House rentals

So where's a good place online to find houses for rent? I'm looking for places closer to Shoreline/Lynnwood/Everett but I assume there's some companies that cover Seattle *and* those cities. Thanks!
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