January 30th, 2006

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Well I have just started a new job at Pandasia, an Asian restaurant just west of 15th Ave NW on Dravus. This is my second job working as a hostess/waitress and I'm enjoying it a lot more than where I used to work in West Seattle. I've eaten there a few times, the food is moderately priced and satisfying. If you're located in Ballard, Queen Anne, or Magnolia that has free delivery and take out, or a place to dine in, this is the place. So check out Pandasia, I highly recommend it.

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    omg blue sky.
Kurt Halsey - family

FM transmitters for iPods

Hi all - my husband and I are preparing to move back to the Puget Sound area from San Diego. We'll be driving (ugh). Have any of you had luck with any FM transmitters for iPods up there? I tried some here in SD but there are too many radio stations between here and Tijuana. (My car tape player spits out the cassette adapters, so I can't use those.) I don't want to invest in one if it likely won't work except in a few parts of CA and OR. Thanks. :)
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Marketing Companies?

I was wondering if any of you know of a good, affordable marketing company or consultant. In Seattle or on the eastside...

I am interested in talking to them about my insurance agency.

Do you feel these consultants are helpful?

Go Seahawks

This just in:

Terry Bradshaw, after living a full and wonderful life, died. When he got to heaven, God showed him around. They eventually came to a modest little house with a faded Steelers flag in the window. "This house is yours for eternity, Terry," said God. "This is very special; not everyone gets a house up here." Bradshaw felt special indeed and walked up to his house. On his way up the porch, he noticed another house just around the corner. It was a three story mansion with a blue and green sidewalk, a 50 foot tall flag pole with an enormous SEAHAWKS flag, and in every window a blue Towel. Bradshaw looked at God and said, "God, I'm not trying to be ungrateful, but I have a question. I was an all-pro quarterback, I hold many NFL records, I won a couple of Superbowls, and I even went to the Hall of Fame." God replied, "So what's your point Bradshaw?" Terry asked, "Well, why does Matt Hasselbeck get a better house than me?" God chuckled and said, "Terry, that's not Matt's house, it's mine."


I'm in the market for a decent personal accountant. I'd like to start out by having them do my taxes, but then I need some assistance with investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement. Anybody have any recommendations for a good personal accountant somewhere near the downtown Seattle area? Thanks.