January 29th, 2006

Fuzzy Hat

Iraq War P.O.V. project. Anyone up to be a "guest"?

OK I'm inspired.

I've been kicking around creating a multi media presentation on "Conversations about different points of view on the War in Iraq". A few paintings- in slide show format, 5 video interviews, performance art, and maybe a public activity. The info would come from interviews with an American student, American soldiers, an eldely American couple, and an Iraqi-American couple.

For "a Soldier says:........" portion, it might take the form of a pen and ink drawing of a photograph of a soldier and a few of his/her buddies and a taped conversation about their views on the military and "community service". I'm especially looking for Iraqi Americans to interview!

Or maybe I could book a night at a coffehouse in Seattle and host a "talk show" of sorts with guests. Interested? Know of any great "guests" to invite?

I am motivated by being a more active citizen and want to enable others as well. Americans take their citizenship for granted. I need reminders. As far as Government-------
I feel it does not represent me, or my values almost at all. I live a very fringe existence. Any one else feel this way?

The government is so tied in to corporate financal adgendas right now that it has lost touch with what it's people's concerns are. I hear these concerns as interest in more funding of public education systems, mental health care, downsizing prisons, affordable healthcare, "war on drugs" changing from a criminology struggle to a public health issue, less dependance on oil (i.e. Biodiesel), clean and free water (as opposed to "private" water), sustainability etc.

Anyways, I am an artist and want to do my part to help shift this country's direction. Have art that could suit this project? Ideas? Let me know if you are interested in collaborating sometime!
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