January 28th, 2006

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For Sale

I'm selling a new 2005 Sony MZ-RH10 Personal Mini-Disc Recorder--it's only been used once but I need to sell it more than I need to use it again. I also have two boxes of five minidiscs I'll throw in. It comes with all the original components and the box. It retails for $299 and I'm asking $225. I have it on ebay but I'd rather sell it locally and haven't gotten much response on craigslist. If you're interested or know someone who would be email me at venavix@gmail.com.

I'm listing the recorder's features in the cut below.

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Does anyone want to buy 2 tickets for the Rocky Votolato CD release show at 4 pm today at The Crocodile? My roommate meant to get tickets for the 9 pm show instead, and we CANNOT make it to the 4 pm one. Help us out of this pickle!

They're $10 day of show, but you can have them for the advance price, $8 each. I don't mind eating the Ticketweb service charge, but we'd rather not eat the entire $20+ we paid. We're going to the later show either way, but you could really help us out by taking these tickets.

The tickets are in the U District. Reply here if you're interested!


SAT 28 $8adv/$10dos
SLENDER MEANS (I've seen these guys too, they're pretty good)

(Sorry for crossposting, but we really need help!)
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8 days to go...

    Seahawks sendoff Sunday at Qwest

    Seahawks fans will get one more opportunity to see the team before it heads to Detroit for Super Bowl XL.
    A 12th Man rally will be held early Sunday morning on the North Plaza of Qwest Field. There is no cost, and parking will be free.
    Gates will open at 7am and the program begins at 8am. The team arrives at 8:45am. Also present will be Blue Thunder and the Sea Gals. Players Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck are scheduled to talk, as are as coach Mike Holmgren and team president Tim Ruskell, before the players board the buses for the airport.
    Cheer cards and rally towels will be distributed by The Seattle Times Co., and Newsradio 710 KIRO.

Poll #661719 Where will you be early Sunday morning?

Where will you be at very early tomorrow morning?


We can do better than 30,000, can't we? :)
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DON'T go to the vegetable sacrifice today... the pass is closed due to avalanche control work, and they're turning people around at edgewick road, which is one or two exits *west* of eXit-38...

once again, the vegetable sacrifice is CANCELLED for today, however it will be rescheduled before october, so if you have a suggestion for when (springtime would be good if you want it to be at eXit-38) write to me and we'll work something out.


Looking for apartment, please help!


I realize this might be a long shot, but I’m still going to give this a try because I know how active this community is (and I love it, by the way!).

My friend is looking for an apartment that meets the following criteria:

a. Washer/dryer in unit
b. No further South than Rainier Beach, no further North than Lake City
c. $695 or less per month (including/excluding utilities)
d. No roommates

If you know anyone that is trying to rent an apartment, please let me know. She needs to move ASAP and she is not too picky, she just wants an apartment that is safe and isn't under safety codes.

Thanks in advance everyone!! And yes, we have also been searching through Seattle Rentals, Seattle Times Rentals, UW Daily and Craigslist.

x-posted in uw and seattlebuysell.

Oh and let’s not forget: GO SEAHAWKS!!!
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Laptop repair recommendations

I need my PC laptop fixed and want to research repair shops other than Best Buy. (I have a service plan with them, but they told me they would have to send the laptop out for three weeks so I'm considering going elsewhere.)

The problem is a loose connection with the power cord, so I would need someone who does hardware repair.

I didn't see much in the memories. I'm in Fremont, so somewhere nearby would be nice. Any recommendations?
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(no subject)

For the seven people in Seattle who don't plan to be in front of a television:

Super Belle Sunday
at The Pink Door

Sunday, February 5th
beginning at 3pm
$20 per person
includes entertainment and an antipasto feast

In honor of the occasion, a manicurist and tarot reader will on site,
and Trapecia of The Cabiri will be performing trapeze in the dining room starting at 6pm.

Don't miss the chick flicks in the bar area, and the handsome waitstaff!

For more information and reservations, visit the Pink Door web site or call 443-3241.

See you there...

Old Sun computers/monitors/documentation for adoption

OK to link.

We have a fine selection of old computers that we want to clear out. You want 'em and can come take them away (Kirkland location), you got 'em. They are all in working order.

Some specifics:

1 Sun 3/60 "pizza box"
1 Sun 3/60 monster box
1 Sun 3/180 pizza box
1 Sun color monitor, 19"
1 Sun bw monitor, 19"
3 Sun external hard drive enclosures
misc. Sun cards
2 HP Apollo machines, each with color monitor
Sun OS of various versions
documentation for hardware and OS
standard 19" VGA monitor

Contact ihgreenman at gmail dot com for specifics. (They’re my husband’s babies.)

Edit: Note that, other than the VGA monitor, these are hobbyist machines for Sun fans, running Sun OS. They won't run contemporary Windows software. The HPs will run Linux.

(Large) Venues

Anybody know of any Seattle area venues that can hold 1,000ish people?

Thanks, y'all!

Edit: This is for a dance/Ball type thing, so indoors would be wonderful, and 1,000 people would be the upper range for the number of attendees.