January 27th, 2006

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Celebrate New Zealand Culture at Burke Museum

Celebrate New Zealand Culture!
Sun. Feb. 4 & 5 from 10 am to 5 pm
Opening Weekend Events at the Burke Museum

Seattle - Celebrate New Zealand culture in a two-day cultural extravaganza, Sat. and Sun. Feb. 4 & 5 from 10 am to 5 pm at the Burke. Watch weavers, tattoo artists, and carvers at work. More than a dozen Maori artists and local Native weavers will demonstrate their talents throughout the opening weekend of the new internationally touring exhibit, Toi Maori: The Eternal Thread (on exhibit Feb. 4-May 29). Included are a special panel discussion, lectures, and presentations by both Maori and Northwest Coast artists. The weekend event is sponsored by Air New Zealand.
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little blue dog

portlander coming to seattle seeks FOOD

Seattle peeps!

Coming to catch a show in your beautiful city this weekend and looking for recommendations for restaurants within a reasonable distance from my hotel, which is at 700 Fifth Avenue North, apparently on "Lower Queen Anne Hill, one of Seattle's most refined and exclusive neighborhoods." (Hey, I didn't pick it.)

Anyhoo, looking specifically for a decent place for breakfast/brunch on Sunday morning. The non-snootier, the better, but I'd rather avoid the other end of the spectrum too and not take my sweetie to a greasy-spoon or Denny's/Sharis clone.

Any suggestions?

If you're familiar with Portland, places like Cup and Saucer (Hawthorne) or Stepping Stone (NW) are what we like.

Thanks everyone.

(BREAKING NEWS!!) Gay civil rights bill just passed the state senate!!!

Just got the word from Equal Rights Washington...

I'd assumed (and a friend just confirmed for me) that the 24 that voted last year upheld their committment to equality, and Finkbeiner cast the critical 25th vote for HB 2661, but I can't verify any of this. It seems HorsesAss.org has scooped the entirety of the gay press. None of the gay news sites seem to have it yet, so it really is a breaking story...

More details as I get them.

(attempted to xpost to several other journals, but I haven't figured out how to do that as yet...)

Animal Cruelty Reward**

Reward Offered
Seattle Animal Shelter Investigates Possible Animal Cruelty
in Lower Magnolia
Severely emaciated dog found dead

SEATTLE – The Humane Society of the United States has offered a $2,500 reward for information resulting in the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the death of a dog found in the Interbay area last Tuesday. Animal cruelty in the city of Seattle is a crime. If convicted, the person responsible for this crime could face a fine of up to $5,000, a year in prison, or both.

On Tuesday, Seattle Animal Shelter humane law enforcement officers responded to a call about a deceased dog found next to Moss Green Inc. at 3625 Thorndyke Ave. W. The officers found an extremely emaciated tan and white pit bull, with a silver “pinch” collar around its neck. The deceased dog had no other identification. The state of emaciation was so advanced that seasoned officers were disturbed when examining the body. It appears the dog had been kept indoors and then dumped either just before, or after its death.

“This is a tragic and unfortunate incident. This dog clearly suffered tremendously prior to its death. Finding out who allowed this to happen is important so they can be held accountable for such a heinous and unnecessary act of animal cruelty,” says Seattle Animal Shelter Director Don Jordan.

If anyone has information relating to this crime, please contact the Seattle Animal Shelter at 386-7387, ext. 2 or email me at patricia.jollimore@gmail.com
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Seeking Art Donations for Seattle Elementary School

I often donate my time, art and money to my friends who need it or to those who are sad or who just like or otherwise ...want it. I have done this time after time.....and I don't think I have ever asked for anything in return....but this time, I am. This is to all of my artist friends out in LJ land.

A cause that is very near and dear to my heart is that of Greenlake Elementary School in Seattle. They are trying to raise money for school improvements...supplies and things that the children need...and I am asking for art donations for their auction. Will you please chip in some little something?

If you are interested in donating some small piece of art that would be suitable for this auction, I would be eternally grateful. It would mean a whole lot to me personally if you would. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't a worthy cause....and I do feel uncomfortable even asking....so please don't make me beg, baby.

Please email me if I can count on your donation.

No pressure or anything, but I have a loaded gun aimed at my goldfish right now. I'm not gonna say what will happen if you don't donate.

Email: bayarts4u at gmail dot com for details.

The Stalk Exchange?

The Stalk Exchange restaurant is clearly no longer open on Phinney Ridge. It's been replaced with something else. Does anyone know if it moved someplace or if it just closed up? I miss their granola. :/
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The Church of Tina Chopp proudly announces a


In Honour of Tinite New Year
Saturday, 28 January, 2006
at HIGH Noon

the place is the usual spot, eXit-38, at the Change Creek Bridge. map here -

questions and/or carpool arrangements, contact The Church -

for those of you who haven't been to a Ritual Vegetable Sacrifice before, full
details can be found here -

we hope to see you there!