January 26th, 2006



i just went to dicks for a hamburger.
if i had my digital camera with me you can be damn sure that i would be posting a picture of the seattle related event.
but here is a picture of me, so you can use your imagination.

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Personal/professional recommendations, cat5+ wiring

I've never needed to have ethernet runs added to a home or office before, and would like to know of someone trustworthy to recommend to a client. My client believes he can run the wiring himself but a: I'd prefer it all to run to a single closet, b: I don't want him just buying any old cable type if he intends to run it in air-spaces and don't have the expertise to dictate to him precisely what must be run where and whether drop ceilings count as air-spaces in the fire code and c: I don't necessarily trust a stranger's termination skills (and the last thing I need is intermittent issues due to bad termination).

Problem is, I've never worked with anybody to have this done and I don't feel comfortable picking a name out of the phone book and recommending them. But I definitely want to recommend someone to him.

Has anyone here used and liked a contractor specifically for add-on ethernet runs in a home or office? (or, used them for something else, but they offer this service) Would you use them again?

Edit: Folks, I'm actually more aware of the issues than I made it sound for brevity's sake. I don't need advice on how/what/where/why/when to run the cable myself or instruct him on this thing. For instance, I do know that plenum rated cabling is required for airspaces. The problem is, I refuse to be held responsible for adhering to code I don't specifically know. I need a professional involved here. I have experience with this stuff, just not ENOUGH to either do it myself (and be held professionally responsible) or instruct him on how to do it properly (and, again, indirectly be held responsible for "bad advice"). I don't need to know anything more about gotchas or specifics on running cable. I would still love actual professional recommendations - I want to be able to provide the client with a recommendation based on someone's experience - I would like to know of at least ONE happy customer before I recommend. (or what companies to NOT recommend due to bad experiences)

If no one has any recommendations based on personal or professional experience that they would like to share with me, then I will instruct the client to look someone up in the phone book.
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Reporting abandoned vehicles

You can report abandoned vehicles to the police via a phone hotline (206 684-8763) or online at https://www.seattle.gov/police/forms/Abandoned_Vehicles.htm

Don't expect a quick follow-through on reports. The web site says a 2 week wait before they can get anyone out to mark the car is normal (And then there's another 72 hours before it can be towed.)

(I didn't see this in the memories, figure it's useful enough to go in.)

U District restaurant help

I'm going to see Eugene Mirman at UW tonight. I'd like to stop in at one of my favorite restaurants, Thai Tom, for dinner beforehand. Given their propensity for being very busy, I'm a little worried. Anyone have any suggestions for good alternatives nearby? Doesn't necessarily have to be Thai.
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spaghetti & meatballs

hey, quick: where's a good place to go on capitol hill for some cheap (but good) spaghetti and meatballs??

edit: i tried checking memories, but the memories "feature is temporarily unavailable." that, and i don't know how specific i could get down to spaghetti and meatballs.
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Drunk Puppet Night #6
Monkeywrench Puppet Labs is proud to present the 6th annual


In Portland's Winningstad Theatre
17th & 18th February
1111 SW Broadway (at Main St.)
8:00 pm, $15 (21+ only)

In Seattle's Columbia City Theatre
24th & 25th February, 3rd, 4th, 10th & 11th March
4619 Rainier Ave. S.
8:30 pm, $15 (21+ only)
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Visa help?

We found out last friday that our 9 month old son was denied his visa to go to Viet Nam. Our flight is suppose to be leaving Seattle next week. Where else can I turn to to try to get another visa for him? I've already tried to contact the Vietnamese consulate in San Francisco and the Vietnamese Embassy in DC, but they couldn't guarantee me an expedited visa process, nor could they explain why it was denied in the first place.

Is there anyplace local in Seattle that might help? There aren't any Vietnamese consulates in the Seattle region, or I would go to them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Fu Lin and/or Ramen

I tried calling, with no luck, and they do not have a website, so does anyone know how late Fu Lin in the I. District is open? I want ramen after a movie tomorow.

On a related note, recommendations for other ramen in Seattle? I haven't had any here since that awesome little place on Broadway closed like four years ago. I checked memories and got lots of Japanese restaurant names, but nothing ramen-specific. No mention of ramen at all, actually. Googling seattle ramen similarly unhelpful, aside from Fu Lin rec.
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NW Classic Gaming Feb 25-26

Hello everyone,

The folks of Northwest Classic Gaming Enthusiasts are holding an expo in Feb.

(for news & updates)

(for schedule & location)

From their site:

NorthWest Classic Games Enthusiasts Expo 2006
FEBRUARY 25-26, 2006
Northwest Classic Gaming Enthusiasts is pleased to announce their annual show, NWCGE 2K6, will be held Saturday, February 25th and Sunday February 26th, 2006 in Seattle [sea-tac], Washington. Come see the beginnings of the video game industry and how it has evolved from the early days of Pong and Atari to today's present system offerings from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Play, compete for prizes, and meet gaming fanatics just like YOU. In addition, you'll be able to buy, sell, and trade videogames of all different systems. Mark your calendar!

The event will be held at:

Holiday Inn
Seattle Sea-Tac Intl Airport
17338 International Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98188

Hope you can make it!

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