January 25th, 2006

suggestions please

I'm finally going to start working on my business. Mostly, I will be selling clothes, shoes, and accessories. So, anyone have a favorite brand or company they would like to suggest? I already have Manic Panic, Leg Avenue, Lip Service, and I'm working on Converse and Urban Decay. When I start getting stock in, I will let you know! Or, is there anyone out there who is a wholesaler for such things? Thanks guys, and have a wonderful day!
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Go get 'em, Rob!

Attorney general sues under anti-spyware law

Washington's attorney general has filed his first lawsuit under the state's new anti-spyware law -- alleging that a New York company's software claiming to rid personal computers of spyware actually deposits a nefarious program instead.

The suit, which was filed Tuesday against Secure Computer LLC of White Plains, N.Y., alleges that the company's spyware-scanning software falsely labels ordinary Windows system keys as spyware to induce computer users to pay $49.95 for the company's Spyware Cleaner program. That program doesn't actually clean spyware from the PC but rather modifies the computer's security settings, the suit alleges.

All I want to know, really, is why has it taken so long to go after these bastards? Not a day goes by wherein someone doesn't ask me to help them remove some spyware from their computer(s). One could make a decent part-time job out of doing that; that's how bad it's become. And yet, more and more companies are hopping on the bandwagon - on both sides (making spyware, making anti-spyware). WTF is it with these people? Ah, well, eventually we'll kill 'em all and let the Dept. of Torture and Punishment sort it out.

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Coldplay Concert

I have a friend who is selling his 2 tickets for the Coldplay concert tonight.
I believe he said Row 8, Sec 106.

He is asking for what he paid at 80$ each.

Talk it up with him if you are interested in the tickets.


Emerald City Comic Con

Hey everybody! Only a few months to go till The Emerald City Comic Con in April! It seems to be taking shape as a fairly Goth-Centric convention this year with Roman Dirge, J.O. Barr, and fantasy artist Brom being some of the big names this year along with the standard main-stream and independant comics names. Two days (April 1st and 2nd) of geekery and ne4rdism extreme in Seahawk Stadium! PREPARE YOURSELVES!!!