January 24th, 2006


Licata elected City Council President

Congratulations to Nick Licata, the popular Seattle City Council member who emerged as a surprise "compromise" candidate for City Council President to resolve that pesky 4-4 tie between Richard Conlin and Jean Godden.

Previously, it was assumed that the tie would be broken by the incoming councilmember who, paradoxically, was to be appointed by the City Council itself. (It would have been entertaining to see the same 4-4 tie emerge in a recursive sort of way during the appointment process, but...)

Interior Designer Referrals

Can anyone recommend a good interior designer? I'm fine with working with design students who need to boost their resume. It'd be fantastic if they offered a free initial consultation, too.

We're a recently relocated young couple who has spent a lot of time (probably too much) watching HGTV. We particularly need help picking paint colors and arranging furniture, and we tend to go for a more modern and clean look with a funky twist.

And if it makes a difference, we're in Kirkland.


are you a Coldplay fan?!

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow spotted in Pacific Place @ 12pm!!

She barely had any makeup on but still stunning, and he is, FABULOUS!
I was with my boss, so we left them alone, but I felt the urge to scream.

They are in town for his concert. ;)
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Seattle (Capitol Hill!) Realtors

I am trying to sell my condo on Capitol Hill. I was planning on using the same agent I used to buy the condo, but... She hasn't made any effort to contact me since she previewed the unit three weeks ago and I emailed her several days ago and she hasn't returned my email. So, I'm thinking that if she treats me, the client, like that, how is she going to treat prospective buyers?... So not acceptable. Time is of the essence here, since we've already moved out and are having to make two payments-- one for the condo, one for the new place-- and that's making me nervous to say the least. Any of you out there have a great Realtor to recommend? My place kinda speaks for itself-- new floors (thanks for all of the flooring suggestions, BTW!), brand new stainless steel kitchen appliances, fresh paint, free parking, views, deck, storage, washer and dryer, cheap HOD's that include cable... I need a Realtor who is aggressive, has follow through, and who knows the area and the clientele.

Help me please!!!

Thanks so much!

**EDIT!!!*** With so many Realtors out there to choose from, if you have BAD referrals that would help, too. Who should I stay away from?...
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Can anyone see the South end of Lake Union at the moment? They're apparently taking down the masts of the big schooner docked next to the old naval reserve building as I write this, which is a Big Deal in my circle, but I'm trapped in Greenlake at the moment and can't see it.