January 21st, 2006

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picture frames

So I'm looking for a store, like a craft warehouse or a Michaels or someplace that will carry picture frames and poster frames for very affordable pictures/prints/posters. I'm just looking for basic frames and mattes, nothing elaborate or heavy, these are just to hang my pre-Raphalite prints and Amy Brown and Van Gogh posters in my apartment.

I'm living in West Seattle, and have to take the bus anywhere, so the closest locations to the Morgan Junction would be helpful, but I'm okay with going downtown as well.

I know Aaron Brothers will have stuff, but they tend to be a bit pricier than what I'm really looking for.

Thanks for your help.
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Dr Dr is there a Dr in the house?

Or perhaps rather in the north end of seattle?

I live in Greenwood, and I'm sick. The thermometer has been reading between 103.8 and 106.

I don't have insurance, and (due to past history) will probably just get told its a virus that has infected my tonsils and thus raised my temp when measured in my ear or throat... but, with a reading like 106, I'd like to go somewhere tomorrow if its still high.

I don't think I need an ER, as its not really an emergency.

Yes, I could google it, but, give me a break, it took me about 30 minutes to write this post by sitting up in short bouts.

So, recommendations for a walkin clinic somewhere on the northish side of seattle open tomorrow?

edit: I went to the serene lake clinic up near lynwood. Temp was normal (though I had taken tylenol. And, after several tests, and $160 gone, its either a viral or bacteria infection in my tonsils.
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(yes. I checked the memories and Googled).

I'm looking for personal recommendations for reliable auto tow services that people have used and how much it cost them.

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