January 16th, 2006

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i am trying to get in to see a doctor today about my knee which has been giving out on me any time i stand on it, as well as swollen and stiff since friday (i have no previous joint problems at all and dont participate in any kind of "sports" so this his highly peculiar).

however, a: i don't have a regular doctor, and b: its MLK day and the first 3 large-ish doctors offices i called were closed. i've called my insurance hotline, and their only suggestion was to "call around" until i found something that is open [uuuh thanks]. id rather not go to urgent care because its not an emergency, but it does fall under the "ASAP" category.

so. anybody know of any doctors that are open today that i might be able to get an appointment with? i have regence blue shield preferred insurance if that drastically affects things.

edit: YAY found one at virginia mason. thanks guys.
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Refer Me

I need a colposcopy within the next three weeks.

Swedish Hospital is booked. The referrals I got are crap. Anyone have referrals, preferably a female gyn? And if they work on a sliding scale, even better; I'm a student, yo.


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Artifact Identification Day
Sat. Jan. 21, 1–4 pm

Bring your unidentified artifacts to the Burke Museum to learn about where they came from and the stories behind them! No appraisals given. A limit of three items per visitor is requested because of the event's popularity.

Do you have something that you can't quite place? If it's from somewhere along the Pacific Rim or North America, one of the Burke's curators may be able to help you figure it out. Experts will be on hand to identify objects from the Northwest Coast, Pacific Islands, and Asia, in addition to specimens from throughout the natural world (including bones, fossils, or animal teeth).

While you're at the museum enjoy new, related family activities. Take a close look at unique objects and specimens from the museum's collections—not normally on display. Complete an "identification tag" by drawing and describing an object. Can YOU identify it? If not, our experts can help you!

Artifact ID Day is included with museum admission.

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Sometimes Screetching Panic Jars My Slumber

Westbound 520 holiday traffic slowed today as anti-government protesters blocked a major arterial using a "rollover" technique developed during the anti-American WTO riots.

Protesters were cautioned not to mess with a trailered backhoe. Though terrorists have been active in the region as recently as last month, no arrests were made, though miscreant youth faced indefinite detention without charge.


I'm looking for referals for a florist (memories are busted right now) for a wedding. I'm looking for something more affordable than the ones at the wedding show. They have pretty ideas, but are really expensive. Free quotes are great. Only need a few bouquets, boutineers, and corsages.

Anyone work with a really impressive and affordable florist lately?


So, what is up with the rain and the cold and people wearing capri pants and flip-flops?? Is this just a Seattle college thing? A Seattle thing in general? You'd think that when people were up to their ankles in cold rain water, they'd finally leave the flip flops at home
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why do i keep going back?

has anyone else had a bad experience with B&O Espresso? the last 3 times i've gone i've had to wait way too long for a waiter/waitress. this last time i had to go to the front counter and ask for service after waiting at least 20 mins. if it continues, the food is NOT going to be enough to get me to go back.
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I have heard recommendations for great Pho now all the way from the International District to up north on Aurora.

I'd like to hear your favorite place to get pho, or pho gaa. What makes it you favorite?

tile store...

There is a tile store in the U district I went to with a friend a few years ago, but I can't remember the name or exact location. They sell a wide range of specialty tile and mosaic tile and supplies. Yes, I searched the yellow pages, google, etc... but didn't come up with anything helpful. Does anyone know the name and/or location of this shop or have a suggestion of a good store to get mosaic supplies?
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520 Blocked.

For what it's worth, as of about 20 minutes ago, a tree had fallen across all eastbound lanes of 520 somewhere between 405 and the bridge. It's also blocking the leftmost westbound lane.

There was no emergency services presence when we passed by, so it must've just happened minutes prior.