January 15th, 2006


I want to get my hair cut Collapse )

And it's currently like this (after a half-asleep 5am cutting job I did on it last night).
Collapse )

I have a kind of limited budget ($25-35 before tip, preferably), and I don't want to go somewhere crappy like supercuts or Fantastic Sam's. I need someone who knows exactly what they're doing and will do a good job and can tell me what kind of general products I'll need for upkeep/styling, and is open tomorrow, preferably... And if they take walk-ins that's even better.

The closer to downtown Seattle or West Seattle, the better. Or at least in reasonable bussing distance of the two.

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Comics and Coffee

If you're ever in the U-District, or live there, I highly suggest the 6-week-old Comics and Coffee on 45th right off the and up the hill towards 15th avenue. They're the only place to serve Vivace coffee in the area. It's new and great. You can browse a comic or manga from their shelf while you enjoy some Vivace (or Morning Glory, as is my preference).

Has anybody else been there yet?

By the way, I'm new here, and I love it. See you guys around.
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