January 14th, 2006

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About 20 minutes ago I saw a big blue flash light up the sky over the View Ridge/Wedgewood area and now I can smell a slight hint of burning tires/rubber on the air.

Does anyone know of a transformer or anything blowing in the area?
My cable is going a bit screwy now too...

jobdango and advertising signs

Man, stupid people were banging stuff loudly last night, enough to wake me up. Looked outside and it's people putting up advertising signs on wooden poles in the planting strips.

So I took my dog for a walk and took down about 30 of their stupid signs. In some cases I just followed their truck around and took down the signs about 30 seconds after they left them. I encourage you to do the same. Planting strips are not a free advertising venue for some hare-brained dot-com. Our city will look better without them. Make sure you leave the sign at a garbage can.

The same goes for herbalife and other idiots, but they don't go city-wide with million dollar advertising budgets.
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(no subject)

I saw a guy get hit on his bike at the intersection of Denny & Dexter
It wasn't a pretty sight.

I swear the rain has made people 10,000 times more stupid

The next time someone jay walks in front of my car that is NOT at a crosswalk
I'm just gonna hit ya

I may as well have hit the 3 people that did this at 3 different times during the day yesterday

It's just rain people...


Lost Dog- Papillion

If anyone has any information please, please contact any of the numbers listed below.
Name: Phoenix
Male Papillon, intact
Brown and white
9.75 inches, 6 lbs.
Loves people, except when scared.
Lost at Beverly and Madison in Everett WA. Near Madison Elem Scholl and
Evergreen Middle School.
Last seen near Evergreen Middle School.
Posters have been put up, neighborhoods canvassed, etc.
Owners: Robin Kletke and Robin Cohen
Phone Numbers:
Gwen McMillan - 425-319-7827
Robin Cohen - 206-718-2083 (no voice mail)
Robin Kletke (in Tampa until Monday) 206-718-1237