January 12th, 2006

moving to Seattle- K-12 schools

My brother just has been hired at Boeing - Everett and wants suggestions what area to live in with the best public schools.
We were raised in the burbs, but he hasn't lived here for 25 years.
I am in Ballard- but thank the goddess he will be looking much farther north. I can't really say I would recommend Seattle schools anyway- particulary for his wife who would be looking to teach Spanish ( she is a native speaker and has been teaching middle school in South Bend Indiana). Anyplace after that would look very diverse, but also looking for as much diversity as possible outside of Seattle.
( note this is my suggestion- I don't think my brother notices or cares if an area is tolerant and accepting but since my sister in law who is Columbian and her daughter have had to put up with slurs on a regular basis for the last 5 years, I think they deserve to live someplace where it isn't so common- too bad he isn't getting a job in Tukwila I could have suggested south Seattle)
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Go away!

Sonics say Bellevue could be their home. With their proposal for a KeyArena expansion stalling, Sonics officials are looking across Lake Washington for a better deal.

Sonics President Wally Walker and Executive Vice President Terry McLaughlin met Wednesday with Bellevue city officials to tell them the team is talking to city business leaders about building an arena in Bellevue.

McLaughlin confirmed the team has talked to "several business interests" that "have been enthusiastic and supportive of the idea."

From here: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002734894_sonics12m.html

Oh puh-lease! Go to Bellevue or to another state, just stop whining that Key Arena (which we're still paying off the last set of renovations) isn't good enough for you anymore. It might be nice to have less traffic around Seattle Center on game days anyways.
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A real WTF moment imho

Rain is boosting power supply...but

The deluge of the first 11 days of 2006 has at least raised the prospect of washing away those concerns, along with the drought that has plagued the hydroelectric system.

Ahem. Is this thing on? Yes? Good.

Raise your hand if you figured they would be talking drought even with this deluge going on. (raises his own hand) The way they talk, you'd think this was Africa and we're all Lawrence of Arabia begging for a little water. (eyeroll #12) Howinahell can there be a drought with all this liquid sunshine coming down? For goodness sake, I'm making a sign already for Noah: "Pick me, Noah! Pick me!" I will admit to wanting a good look at the inside of his Ark.

God but I want some snow...

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Shady People, Sunny Places

Waterfront Wedding Sites

Greetings imaginary Internet friends:

My fiance and I are looking for a place to get married near the water in the Seattle area and I come to y'all for suggestions (or maybe smart-ass comments with maybe a few suggestions mixed in, beggars can't be choosers).

It should be no more than a few hours drive from Seattle (ie Orcas Island is about as far as we are willing to make our friends and relatives schlep).

We want to have some control over who gets to wander into the venue (ie Golden Gardens with its collection of random drunkards and yahoos (you know who you are) wouldn't do).

It needs to fit about 60 people.

We are planning to do this in summer or late fall.
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Housing needed

We need a home until July when we move back to South Dakota. 2bdrm. Needed ASAP. 2 Adults 1 infant. We also have a Shorthair Siberian Husky who is very good in the house. (will hold his business until outside and not destructive) Wife does not work and husband does. So we can afford up to 700. month. We are not picky on condition of the house as long as everything works, (carpet paint etc.) Will pay up to 750 if there is a WD. Utilitied included a +. If you can help us out, please respond.
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Upcoming Free Concerts from Seattle Presents

The Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs continues “Seattle Presents,” free lunchtime concerts every first and third Thursday at Seattle City Hall. All concerts are from noon to 1 p.m. in City Hall lobby.

Seattle’s City Hall is located at 600 Fourth Avenue (between Cherry and James St.). All “Seattle Presents” concerts are free and brownbag lunches are welcome. “Seattle Presents” information is available at www.seattle.gov/seattlepresents or (206) 684-7171.

Warren Chang Music Ensemble - Thursday, January 19
Celebrate the Lunar New Year with traditional Chinese music featuring soloist Warren Chang, winner of the world competition on the erhu (an ancient two-stringed violin-type instrument) and founder of the Chinese Arts and Music Association. This performance offers a rare opportunity to
hear works by one of the foremost erhu masters in the traditional style.

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(no subject)

Hiya. My folks are visiting in the spring and would like to stay in a nice (expensive-ish is OK) downtown hotel. I'd appreciate any recommendations you might have.