January 8th, 2006

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bluetooth keypad

Hello Seattle, I am looking for a bluetooth numeric keypad, I just got a job processing charts on my computer but I need to have a keypad, I am a snob and dont really want any cables, I also don't want one of those little reciever things hanging off the side of my laptop

I googled to my hearts content but came up with nothing other than a $130 full desktop (mouse, keypad, keyboard) setup from logitech so I thought I would throw it out there to the wonderful people of seattle to see what they had to say, does this exist?

landlord-renter agreement

I have a question for anyone who might know a bit more about landlord-tenant laws in Washington State. Thanks, in advance, if you can point me to any documentation about my inquiry.

I live in a townhouse with the daughter of the owner (who lives in California). My lease has ended and the daughter has asked me to move out by Feb 1. I definitely want to move, so there is no concern about that. However, she has a tendency to repeatedly enter my room without my consent, when the door is closed and I am not home. She has so much as gone through my dirty laundry located in my hamper within my closed closet. I have asked her to not do this, saying it feels like a violation of my personal space, and her response is that "as the owner de facto of this house I have a right to enter any space of it." Is this accurate? I cannot find any documentation to support my belief that it isn't legal. The landlord-tenant laws are in regard only to landlords that live out of the house, I guess. Even though her father is the true owner, this "owner de facto" thing may have some merit. (?) Honestly, my only desire is to vacate as soon as I can pack my things and leave, despite that I just shelled out $500 for this month's rent not four days ago, but I truly feel unsafe around her and don't trust her at all. I hate the thought of my personal things being vulnerable to her.

Any linkage or suggestions for assistance are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Flaming PsyBall
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Stop the Lies!

Hey Seattle! I’m looking for a rally that’ll be forming come January 31 – during the time Bush will be spouting his BS, giving his State of the Union address. Anyone?
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From Komo4.com

We talked to some downtown Seattle clubs to find out how the smoking ban is affecting business.

Our unscientific survey shows bar owners and patrons are coping well, and have already recouped any drop in customers they experienced the first couple weeks.

"It's been nothing but positive so far and I think it will continue to be that way," says Anthony Frazier, owner of Trinity nightclub in Pioneer Square. "We went down 15 to 20 percent that first one or two weeks, but now we're back to the same numbers we were at prior to the ban."

From here: http://www.komo4.com/stories/41167.htm

My question is directed to the people who do frequent clubs and bars: Do you agree or disagree with this unscientific survey? Please keep all personal attacks to a minimum, as I am not putting my personal opinion in this post. I've been too busy to go out to any clubs or bars (with the exception of one place on my birthday just over a week ago), and have not been able to verify these numbers myself.

Voice Teachers

I'm moving to Seattle in April and am planning on taking voice lessons again. I was hoping someone or several someones here might know of a few good teachers in the area who specialize in classical voice- opera, art song, oratorio type things. I emailed the music department at UW, and they offered to send me a list of students who are authorized to teach, but I'm really looking for someone who has more experience.


Hey people of seattle !  I just joined the community so this is my n00b p0st.

I'm originally from NJ and have been residing in Portland OR for about 6 years now.  I'm ready to move because I'm done with P-Town and I have a kick ass internship waiting for me in Seattle. I've visited your city a few times and I don't like downtown. But the burbs are way cool. The coffee tastes 100% better and people actually like to go out and do stuff. I think people in  Portland are too stoned and people in Seattle are wired on coffee. ;)

I have a bunch of friends who live in WA...more than I do in OR. Seattle kinda reminds me of the east coast "busy" too. Three hours away from Canada has me excited.

What can I do about housing? I'm going to be an intern so that means little to no cash. I know prices are different than what I'm used to and I have to pump my own gas....I just have no idea about where to live and what to do.

Thanks in advance,
??Clueless in Portland??
Fremont Zombie #2

(no subject)

I almost let this Seattle live Journal community stomp my spirit with your do-nothing reactionary attitudes! A few days ago I posted a call for Zombies to participate in a street theater "happening" at the upcoming Jan 16th MLK March. I received some thoughtful and provocative dialog, but there was mostly know-it-all bullshit nay-saying about the project.

Check it out. I listened to your cautions about appropriateness, respect for the Elders in the Black community and what not and wrote a formal letter to the Chairman of the MLK Planning Committee, Larry Gosset, requesting endorsement.

Here is what he emailed me:

Your "Dead Awake" performance will not be out of place in our March. We have had, over the years many creative anti-racist and anti-imperialist skits take place within the context of our March. We do not think what you all do will offend anyone. You are welcome to let it fly! Thanks for checking with us. See you on Monday.
If you get a chance come up an introduce yourself to me."

-Larry Gossett

Be careful when judging other people's projects that are trying to heighten the political awareness of our fair city.

Seattle is definitely not as Liberal as it thinks it is!