January 6th, 2006

Piper trip

puppies or kittens needing foster care?

I've been involved in foster care, rescue work and transportation for animals for years now. I've also spent countless hours nursing and caring for infant puppies and kittens that need to be bottle fed. If you happen to come across a puppy or kitten that needs special care, please think of me. Yes, I am in touch with many area rescues, but I also wanted to throw this out there in case anyone around Seattle finds a baby puppy or kitty that needs to be bottle fed. Yes, references are available, and I work at a vet hospital, so all medical care is readily available. And yes, I have fostered them before and know the time and lack of sleep to expect.


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So, I was parking a car this morning and the radio was on The Kube and the show had on this guy they called Gay Phone Operator, and from what little I heard it sounded like they had arranged to get the guy a gastric bypass surgery. But the guy was all psycho, and kept yelling on the phone about how people just don't understand him.

I dont' listen to this station, and therefore have no idea what the story is up to this point. Anyone listen to this station regularly, that has the whole story?

I'm just curious.


I would like to take beginner level yoga classes that don't push the spiritual element. Anyone know of a good place on the cheapish side? I live in Mount Baker so downtown/ capital hill neighborhoods would probably be best. Thanks.
  • yfdp

DSL/Cable Modem Recommendations?

Any recommendations on which NON-COMCAST (Comcast is not available for my building) broadband company is best and AFFORDABLE for a residential user near downtown?

Any GOOD stories or HORROR stories or heck, mixed-reviews stories, are appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: I'd be a residential user, would prefer good uptime and few outages. Stability is top priority, with latency close behind and raw speed close behind latency. I'm used to DSL at 1.5 Mbps download, 384 Kbps download (my past provider in CA), decent latency. To me, download is more important than upload, but upload has to be decent (128 Kbps or better).

Response to below: Holy cow $55+ for DSL from Speakeasy... ugh. No $15/month deals going around??
  • eleri


I'm hoping that out there in the well of generosity that is Seattle, are people willing to fetch boxes for me. I've been very sick, so going out and about trolling the supermarkets hasn't been an option, and Moving Day loometh. If you happen to be able to help bring boxes unto me, or you've just unpacked and have a bunch of homeless empty boxes, please drop me an email.

Going to the ocean.

We're going to be going to the Ocean Crest Resort in Moclips in February. I used to go there every summer as a kid, but haven't been there in about 15 years. What the heck is there to do around there in the winter? On Mapquest, it looks like the closest towns are Sunset Beach, Pacific Beach, Ocean Grove, Copalis Beach, Ocean City, and Sampson. Is there anything in these towns? Ocean Shores, which I've heard of, is about 20 miles south of Moclips. Is there anything to do in Ocean Shores?

Also, I have a memory of driving on the beach as a kid. I also have a memory of getting in trouble for it one year. Is this still allowed? What other "non-traditional" things are there to do over there in the wintertime?

Thanks, quasi-friends.