January 5th, 2006

  • mkwhite

The L Word

I'm looking for a place in Seattle, preferrably in the Capitol Hill or Madison areas, to watch The L Word. Does anyone know of any bars or cafes or other groups that might be showing it? Thanks!
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Homeowners Insurance

I'm buying a 100 year old house in South Seattle and am having trouble finding insurance that will cover it. The sticking point is that it has knob and tube wiring, which is very outdated. I'm looking for recommendations people, please help!
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handy resource for locating food, shopping, etc.

yelp.com is pretty cool. it's similar to citysearch but much more community-oriented. people post reviews of restaurants, stores, theaters, spas, doctors, parks, etc. yelp plots it all out on a google map, so you can choose a category (for exa. ethiopian restaurant), enter your address, and it'll show everything nearby. you can also upload pictures of the different locations or see ones other people uploaded. this pc magazine article talks about it in more detail.

ideally you could do some of that with google local on its own... but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. recently i couldn't remember the address for dixon's used furniture, so i searched for 'furniture' on google local and dixon's didn't come up.

(no subject)

Odd question, but are there any drug rehab centers (in-patient check-in kind) in the greater Seattle area that do not push religion as a tool for addiction control? Is there such a thing as NA for atheists?

"we speak English in Seattle" ?

Inspired by a comment by wistfulmuse from a post that has now apparently been deleted, in which she said "we speak English in this country" regarding having a difficult time communicating in a retail situation, I offer the following information.

According to the US Cencus Bureau, 1 out of 5 Americans speaks a foreign language at home and on a regular basis, as their primary language. That's right, Americans. Also, enrollment in higher education foreign language classes increased by 17 percent in 2004, so I assume that means that English-speaking Americans are realizing that it benefits them to meet the needs of their country's demographics. To say "we speak English in this country" harkens back to a time and mindset that may not be very effective anymore and is quite possibly racist.

I think this is particularly true in communities such as Seattle in which we have a population of foreign language speakers from Latin countries, African countries, the Middle East, etc. etc. I have heard, quite a few times, from American born English-speakers in Seattle "jeez, can't they just speak English?", in a situation in which the speaker actually was speaking English, but with an accent. Sad but true.

To the woman who bought my bed from the seattle lj posted ad

ok, yes, I know, this is going to start a free-for-all because it says "bed" which implies "mattress"... "mattress" heh.
but really, will the woman who bought my bed please respond... I found the paperwork (instructions for laundering, etc.) for the heating pad thingie and I need to know if you want me to mail it to you and I can't seem to locate your email address. Thank you and goodnight.