January 4th, 2006

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Wooden Loom For Sale

I have a mediumish-large wooden loom for sale. It was used for making large hooked rugs (I was told), belonged to my grandmother, now is moving into a smaller space.

Not much is known about it, other than it's in good condition, cost about $300 new, hardly used, and currently disassembled for transport (it was easy to take apart) It was about 3 feet tall, and about 3-4 feet wide when assembled.

If you have anymore questions, please ask and I will do my best to answer!

Asking $125 and I will transport within reason (seattle area or eastside)

Reply here at my info email.
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The company I work for has been using a reprographics service for CAD plotting and such and has been happy with them. Recently I've used them for color printing & finishing and haven't been satisfied with the product or the service. Can anyone here recommend a company that they've worked with regularly on this sort of thing? I'd prefer one that delivers and is convenient to downtown Seattle. I think there may have been a post on this within the past few months but I can't find it. Thanks!
Fremont Zombie #2

Maybe no Zombies at MLK March Jan 16th.

The Seattle Martin Luther King Jr. March is coming up on Jan 16th 2006. I have been working on a performance art project to confront apathy in our community and was planning it's debut for this date. I have not heard back from the MLK planning committee to see if we are welcome.

I have also received lots of emails flaming the project from the "Seattle" Livejournal community saying Zombies would desecrate the event and be mis-construed by the elders in the Seattle Black community.

I'm light of the controversy. I see their point and might wait to debut Dead Awake! at a later time. Please don't come to the March as a Zombie until I know we are welcome by the organizers!

Here is the original Dead Awake!Purpose-

We are a performance art troop dedicated to messing with the main stream to confront apathy in our community. The masses of liberal minded Americans are acting like Zombies! Ignoring our meth and crack problems in Cap hill (for example) locally and allowing this ridiculous War nationally. The majority of Americans are not fully exercising their democratic voice. So, "Zombies" are showing up at the MLK rally to show that Activism is fun and to account for the huge demographic who does not go to rallies!

If it turns out Zombies are not welcome, please participate in the rally as a citizen to commemorate MLK anyways. I have prepared some Civil Rights-themed famous quotes, written on white cloth to pin on participant's clothing as my contribution. I have signs too, but those can be more cumbersome.

The March will start at noon at Garfield High School, 400 23rd Ave. and end up at the Federal Building downtown. It's a long march, though downhill, and it's one of the major human rights events in Seattle. There is a rally that starts at 11:00, with workshops before that starting at 9:30.

The official website is Http://www.mlkseattle.org

To be a Zombie on call for future events- join the Dead Awake Tribe! www.tibes.tribe.net/deadawake

0r call 206 617-0124
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Poetry readings on Thursday [04 Jan 2006|02:40pm]
I have already checked sites like the Richard Hugo House and Elliot Bay Books, but will there be any book or poetry readings this Thursday night that anyone knows of? I need to write a response by Friday morning and I have a previous engagement tonight that is mandatory for me to attend.

In the area of Cap Hill or Queen Anne would be nice but not necessary.
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Pedestrian slaughter

Hi Seattle!
I know I saw a post around the holidays on here about bad driving habits vis-a-vis pedestrians, so this isn't too far off. I need to write a newspaper story about pedestrian safety issues in Seattle, and I wanted your collective input on what the most notoriously unsafe intersections are, or what other issues people need to be aware of when they're jaywalking across the street.

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Job Openings for Coffee Wenches!

My company is hiring a metric ass load of baristas!

Pay is decent, but not great. Benefits are decent, but not great. Schedule is flexible, as we are hiring for both full and part time employees. The real job satisfaction (or as much satisfaction as one can derive from schlepping over-priced lattes) will come from your coworkers. I have some seriously freakin' awesome coworkers. We have a comprehensive training program, so experience is not necessary, but it is most definitely preferred.

Send your resume to Lou at pushshove@gmail.com if you are interested.
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Now I may be crucified for asking this, but why is it that seems like almost all women in seattle are either stuck up and pretentious or ineffectual and uninterested, at least when it comes to dating?

Maybe Ive just had bad experiences...

Edit: Im suprised noone has commented on how ironic my icon is for this post.