January 3rd, 2006

a lil bit bowie

looking for gauged jewelry

i'm visiting my Love here in seattle and would like to browse some non cookie-cutter, hand-made gauged jewelry for ears. 2g and 0g specifically. i went into a place on broadway in capitol hill and they had some decent things, but a little more mass produced than i was aiming for. hand-blown glass, carved wood/stone, bone, fimo, etc. are more what i'm seeking. one-of-a-kind pieces are best.

any suggestions?

bang bang

Where can a girl find a place to shoot at around here?

I'm a professional writer with a handgun hobby, and I'm looking for info on Seattle area shooting ranges that are open to the public (or with a paid membership). I'd prefer one that holds classes since I need to train for a new state license, and learn the local laws.

Also, are there any good gun stores or gun shows in the area? I mostly stick to handguns; not much on rifles - cause I'm petite ;-)
  • xaotica

skiing on a budget

i've never been downhill skiing and don't know much about it... but i'd like to try. yet no matter where i look, it seems fairly expensive for the novice. do you have any tips for where i could get coupons? i've looked through snoqualmie and stevens' website and although they offer slightly discounted bundled packages, i'm hoping to find something cheaper ;) i tried to search the entertainment book but they seem to have changed their website so that you have to own a book to search. :( i'll need a lesson and equipment rental. i might be amicable to staying overnight at a nearby hotel if one of those had a deal with a good price.
El Gato Loco

Seattle Area Traffic

Stay off the roads - take the bus; bike; WHATEVER!
You make Chrissy late for her meeting :(
January 3, 2006 KOMO Staff & News Services
Gov. Christine Gregoire failed to make a scheduled appearance. Her staff apologized, saying she had been delayed in freeway traffic after an education meeting with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in Redmond. Event organizers canceled the speech after Gregoire's staff kept postponing her arrival.

She was the first governor to miss the annual event, now more than a decade old, for editors and reporters from around the state.

I mean, it shouldn't be that hard to get from Redmond to Olympia in one day, right?
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Hey, can anyone tell me what time that Goddess Kring show is on this season? I'm having trouble with SCAN's website. Any other public access watchers who can tell me?