January 2nd, 2006


I currently reside in Louisville, Ky. In early March, I'll be traveling to Seattle for a week or so to check out the Seattle Film Institute and pretty much everything else in town. If all goes according to plan, I'll be moving out there sometime this summer to attend the Institute. Or hell, even if things don't go according to plan I may be moving to Seattle. I need a change. Anywho, I'm basically just looking to meet people in the area at this point.

  • tyrven

Don't tread on me

For those of you discontent with the new smoking laws, consider moving to New Orleans. I just returned from there and found it difficult to find a restaraunt or hotel with a non-smoking room (at least in the French Quarter). New Orleans remains on a continually shrinking list of cities where you are still free to smoke just about anywhere you want to.

Enjoy your smokes with a stiff drink? Not a problem. You can also drink anywhere. Out in the street? In the car? Not a problem.

But that's not all! As an added bonus, if you move now you can pick up fully furnished real estate in the Ninth Ward for dirt cheap.

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Been seeing these around alot...people wearing this black hats and on the back, it says "Next" or somehting liek that with the X in blue.

Anyone know what this is? Like a company logo or something?

Credit / Loan assistance

Do you have first hand experience with debt consolidators and/or bad credit mortgages? I'm looking to buy a small house and my parents can't take on another mortgage, but could co-sign if something like that became necessary. Right now I don't care about the interest rates but I'm looking for affordable payments ($500 or less). If you think you know of a local company or website that could do this for me, I would love the advise.

Thank you.

If it matters, I'm 23 and first time buyer.

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can anyone recommend some decent travel agents/agencies in the seattle area? my fiancee and i are looking into starting to book our honeymoon, and we don't want to do it all online. we need someone with good knowledge and info of the areas. thanks!