December 31st, 2004

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Engineers Without Borders at Washington State University will be hosting a benefit concert two weeks into next semester in order to raise money for the Tsunami reconstruction efforts. We are looking for at least two more bands, a lecturer on the tsunami developments, and perhaps some spoken word. Proceeds will go to a few of the organizations listed below. Contact me at for more details.

Engineers Without Borders does not yet have the resources to help with an emergency situation such as the Tsunami that struck Asia and Africa over the holidays. I would encourage you to help by contributing to those organizations providing immediate relief for the victims and their families. Over time, Engineers Without Borders would like to offer any technical assistance that we can provide for long-term infrastructure needs that the communities have identified. Recovery of any sort will only come with the support of our local community. We need your help.

-Tsunami immediate relief organizations:
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New Year's festivities

Hey guys. I'm going up to Seattle from Tacoma and I'm looking for something cheap and fun to do tonight. I have a few ideas, but I could really use some of your input. Any free parties/gatherings or cheap activities that you know of? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The only entry I saw on activities was posted in referrence to 21+.

These are my limitations:

-Money (cheap or free)
-Must be all ages or 18+

The thing I'm having the most trouble with is finding a place to toast (juice for me) and get excited about the New Year.

Happy New Year!
Sliding Panda

Piercing/Tattoo Recommendation

I don't know if anyone's posted praise before, but if you're thinking about getting a piercing or a tattoo, Slave to the Needle is a very good place to go to. Very sanitary, very friendly, they *know* what they're doing and are very informative. I just got an industrial done there, and I'm extremely pleased with both the experience and the result.

Of course, I haven't gotten a tattoo yet, so I don't know how they are with that, but I'm sure they're awesome there too.
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OOOOHHHhh lots of flashing emergency lights on Denny and it looks like 2nd Avenue.

wonder how many accidents and emergency sirens i'll hear tonight to bring in the new year.
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