December 30th, 2004


SEATTLE: 1/7/05 FREE anime talk by Susan Napier

[From the Northwest Anime mailing list]

From Spiritual Fathers to Tokyo Godfathers: The Family in Anime

January 7, 2005 Friday 3:30 - 5:00 PM
Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall (second floor) University of Washington, Seattle campus

Speaker: Dr. Susan Napier, Professor of Japanese Literature and Culture at the University of Texas at Austin

Susan Napier explores the cultural elements of anime and manga on both sides of the Pacific. Napier completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at Harvard University and was a research student at Ochanomizu Women's University in Tokyo. In addition to teaching classes at Princeton and the University of London, she served as a guest lecturer at Harvard University. Napier has written two books on Japanese literature, one focusing on Oe Kenzaburo and Mishima Yukio and the other on the history of Japanese fantasy literature. Her most recent book, Anime: from Akira to Princess Mononoke, investigates the impact of anime towards the end of the twentieth century.

Please contact 206-543-4391 or go to the UW Japan Studies Outreach page for further information on Japan Studies sponsored events.

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Coffee recommendations?

May sound like a silly question, but not being a coffee person and this being the "coffee capitol", I figured I'd ask..

Okay, so we have a great coffee bar downstairs at my work (branch of Seattle's Best), but I'm not sure what I want to order. I need something strong today, but I actually don't like the flavor of coffee all that much. I usually get a vanilla latte, but the coffee always has bitter undertones here and the vanilla doesn't seem to cover that up very well.

Any other suggestions as to what I should try?


** Edit **

Thank you all for your suggestions! I tried the mocha today because, well, you just can't go wrong with chocolate. It did the trick! I've had the "Candy Cane" (white chocolate/peppermint latte) too, but the peppermint gave me heartburn.

I'll have to try the other suggestions when I need more caffeine! :)
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Checked the memories section, and didn't see anything....

Is there anywhere in the U-district to get my hair cut on a Sunday?

ETA: Thanks! Found an awesome little place on the Ave and got it done!

Anyone on this flight from Amsterdam?

28 hour ordeal- Amsterdam to Seattle by way of Moses Lake.

I don't have any particularly interesting observations, other than my sister having just completed (two hours ago) a really lousy puke-infested flight to Heathrow.

This monstrosity appears to be a case of a bunch of little regulations adding up to one big hassle- the sort of thing that you expect to happen occasionally.

1) Couldn't initially land in Seattle because the fog was too thick
2) Had to switch flight crews in Moses Lake b/c the other crew had been working too long
3) Couldn't let passengers off of the plane in Moses Lake because there were international passengers (although they eventually called in the Sherrif's department and let some of them off for a while)
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Democrat Declared Wash. Governor-Elect

23 minutes ago

By DAVID AMMONS, Associated Press Writer

OLYMPIA, Wash. - After three vote tallies and 58 days of waiting, Democrat Christine Gregoire was declared Washington's governor-elect on Thursday. But her Republican rival did not concede and wants a new election.

Washington Governor's Election Certified At Last

Secretary of State Sam Reed, a Republican, certified Gregoire, the three-term attorney general, as the winner of the closest governor's race in state history. She won a statewide hand recount by a scant 129 votes out of more than 2.8 million cast.
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Election Woes Could Be Solved by Tsumani

Scientists: Tsunami Could Hit West Coast

Thu Dec 30, 8:58 AM ET Science - AP

By JOSEPH B. VERRENGIA, Associated Press Writer

Tsunami scientists and public safety officials are closely watching an earthquake-prone nation with thousands of miles of crowded coastlines for signs of an imminent disaster. Indonesia? Japan? Try the United States.

Experts say the West Coast could experience a calamity similar to the one they have been watching unfold half a world away.

"People need to know it could happen," said geologist Brian Atwater of the U.S. Geological Survey (news - web sites).
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Student Massage...

Okay. I have posted here before. But I am doing this again because I am currently enrolled in school, and I am going to have to do free massage. There IS a bit much of paper work you HAVE to fill out, though.

So my prices have dropped

from: $40 per 80 min. massage,

to: Free 60 min. massage. You just have to fill out the paperwork.

I have three days a week available for massage: Fri-Sun. And one massage per day: 10am-12pm. It'll take about 2 hours because of the paperwork and interview. THAT, and my massages rarely stay at an hour. they go over. I tend to take my time.

If interested, please contact me here, and we will exchange numbers.

Schedule it at least a week in advance.


 Thank you for you time.

Millenium Cable/Free Wireless/Charbern Apts?

I'm about to sign a lease for an apartment on capitol hill. The apt manager let me know they are wired for millennium. I wasn't planning on getting a land line, so cable is a good option. I've looked on their website but their "packages" and "pricing" seems to be busted.
I'm looking to just get a basic high speed connection. I probably won't be home all that often, and when I am, I'll be sleeping. I could live with dial-up as it's a good fit for the amount I'd be online at home (almost none) but again, I want to avoid a land line.

So my question is, for those of you who use Millennium, how much do you pay per month, for basic high speed cable internet?

And for the fun of it, how fast a connection do you typically get for that price?

(It's at 1705 Belmont, so maybe I can just steal wireless when I want to get on teh intaweb? Anyone live at the Charbern who has wireless who wants to just let me pitch in for use of their wireless occasionally? If you do live at the Charbern, tell me why I should, or shouldn't sign a lease there.)