December 29th, 2004

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"Chris Gregoire will be the next governor of Washington state," Berendt said. "Canvassing boards have spoken, and they have clearly stated this election is done."

I think Rossi asked for Gregoire to concede weeks ago to spare us from this entire mess. Since the ball's in his court, shouldn't Rossi practice what he preached and concede now instead of dragging this out further?

For the record, I don't care for either of them. I wrote in rfjason on the ballot.

New Years

If this has been asked and answered recently, please just point me towards that post, but I scrolled back about a week and didn't see anything about New Year's Eve activities. It's the first New Years I'm actually spending in Seattle, and I'm finally 21, so what's going on? Any recommendations for stuff to do? It can be all ages, 21+, whatever. Thanks!


I think I remember hearing something about the Mac Store on 45th in the u-district having some kind of student distcount on ipods. Has anyone heard of this?
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Does anyone know of any Unicef centers or relief centers in Seattle
for donations of canned goods, baby clothes, etc. for tsunami victims?

Many thanks!

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