December 28th, 2004

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Lake Union water quality

Does anybody know whether Lake Union is safe for swimming, either for people or dogs? Some googling turned up some good (if outdated) data, but no good recommendations of whether or not one can safely splash around in there.

Seems kinds sketchy, what with the whole damn shore being as built up as it is. But I figured it's worth asking.

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I bought my bird a new cage. This cage is in perfect condition, however it needs to be cleaned (it comes with my bird's poop). I used the cange for my lovebird, but it is large enough for a bigger bird.


If anyone out there wants the cage it needs to pick it up soon, I live near greanlake

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I need some help. My computer, with windowsXP has just died. One of it's start up files has been corrupted, and i have tried to fix it myself and failed miserably. Before i give up and just re-instal windows, does anyone know computers? Is there any way to save it and everything on it? If you know how, i'll give you money!

Other wise Is there somewhere to take it that can fix it or get advice on how to fix it?

I'm kicking myself for not backing it up any time recently.

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Join us for the very last night if Schizophrenia this year! This Thursday, December 30th DJ Lucky Edy(Seattle's oldest industrial DJ)will help us kick 2004's ass out the door! Doors open at 9pm, $4.00 cover. Be 21+ w/ id. Our entrance is located in the alley under the Autobattery shop at 10th and Union in Capitol Hill. See you there!

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  • neevita

VRSeattle in my house; He's still looking for artists to contribute to his project.

Hey all,

Today, Brad of came by my space and in a little less than an hour shot a really cool pan-scan of my art space for his site. I found his post on through a friend, he's in search of local artists who are willing to let him put this killer technology to work in their studios. I really like the quality of his photos ( with your chunkass 320x240 res crap-scans, eat your heart out) and the equipment is quite impressive.. his tripod alone was worth the hour break I took from packing and being ill.

He mentioned I was the only person to contact him and with this town being stuffed to the brim with artsy-fartsy studio folk that seemed a little odd. I just figured on sharing that I've met this person and he didn't axe murder me or nothin.. in fact, aside from smelling like refried cirgarettes (I'm an oversensitive ex-smoker) he was a pleasant afternoon companion. ;)

His contact is