December 27th, 2004

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Looking for a tattoo parlor

For my birthday this year I'm going to get a tattoo, but seeing as this will be my first tat, I don't have a preference from one tattoo shop to the next. Does anyone here in this community have tattoos from local shops, and would you reccomend any of them?

EDIT: Thanks guys for pointing me towards the memories. :) (if you're curious, this (lineart, no color) is what I'm getting for my birthday.

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1. On the corner of Bellevue and Pine (I could be off one street) there seems to be a new Asian eatery going up. It looks kind of like world wraps, sort of fast food ish, but not drive though. Anyone have any idea what they're building there?

2. I'm looking for bulk soy nuts, hopefully of the flavored variety. At the Town and Country market on Bainbridge you can just shovel them into a bag from a giant bin, and they're much cheaper than the packaged marketed 4oz individual packs. Does anyone know where as close to downtown or first hill I can get these. Trader Joes would be my frist guess, but they don't sell bulk. The only PCC I can think of is in North Seattle or West Seattle.

Thanks guys.
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New in town

So, my friend and I just moved to Seattle and we're looking for people. This isn't a personal ad; we're just looking for a place to find a few friends who are worth a damn. Seattle seems like a great city with alternative spots all over, but the sheer number is dazzling. We're in our 20's, open-minded, friendly, and liberal as hell. We like music and movies (she), gaming and being outside (he), and exploring and socializing (we). We also like a couple of things not suitable for children (like toys with small parts). So let us know where to go and what to avoid. Show us around and we'll buy you a Pyramid.
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There was a small earthquake an hour ago.

Did anyone else feel it?

Details here.

I live in West Seattle, and a lamp fell off a shelf and my cat is freaked out. I was actually relieved that it was an earthquake and not poltergeists!
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A public service announcement regarding tsunamis

Everyone seems to be hyped up about making posts regarding tsunamis.

The following link/story is very informative and I think we should all take a moment to review it:

Lol, furries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a typical day in Washington State when the Alaskan earthquake occurred.
The Smart family had just finished breakfast. McKenzie and Kassidy were getting ready
for school, and Mom was getting Macie ready to go to daycare. No one in the
household had heard about the earthquake in Alaska. They didn’t know a tsunami
might be coming.