December 26th, 2004

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Holiday Travel Guide

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    Holiday Travel Guide
    December 23, 2004
    By Scott Sistek

    SEATTLE - It's another busy travel time of the year, so we thought we'd put together a sort of one-stop shopping Web page for helping you get to where you're going.

    Sea-Tac Airport is expecting large crowds as you might expect. But so far, no problems reported.

    Check our Sea-Tac Solutions page for some last minute tips to help speed your way through the airport -- including the new cell phone waiting lot so you don't have to keep driving around in circles while your waiting for someone's flight to land.

    While the foggy weather in Seattle didn’t seem to be slowing things down, the weather has been pretty snowy in other parts of the country.

    Check Airport travel delays site for current weather delays at other airports.

    And if you're leaving the area, check our National Weather Travel Map to see what the weather's like where you're going.

    Mountain Passes
    Check our Pass Reports Web site for the latest information in getting over the mountains. It's expected to be dry up there through Friday night, but then heavy snows expected Saturday through Sunday morning, with snow levels down to around 2,500 feet.

    I'll be joining a lot of you in line for the ferries. Check the Washington State Ferries site to see how long the lines are (there's good links to Web cameras that show the lines).

    Plain Ol' Driving
    Of course, as busy as the airports are, it'll be even busier on the roads, and the rainy weather won't help. The WSDOT Seattle Web Site is a good place to start, and there are links to road conditions elsewhere in the state from their site.

    Making A Run For The Border
    If your travels take you to Canada, for our version of Thanksgiving, you can check the latest border crossing times at this site, which also has links to the wait on the Canadian side as well.

    But above all, take it safe out there, and Happy Holidays!


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I just bought my boyfriend a new TV, what would be the best option for donating his old one? It works fine, but the contrast and color are sometimes a bit off.

Goodwill? Or is there someplace that makes even better use out of it?

Seattle legal/law questions?

What is the name of that Seattle legal/law community?
I looked in the memories. And I searched interests. And I don't want to look any more because my eyes hurt... so I figure it would be easier to just ASK and have this post be put into the memories.