December 22nd, 2004


Theft sucks.

Here's a big F*** You to whoever decided to take a package from my front door. $400 worth of parts for my car - that are SPECIFIC to my car - are gone. These are absolutely useless to you. The box wasn't full of Christmas presents or money or food or whatever else you might have been hoping for- and yet you took it anyway. Great. Thanks.

Now I have to deal with filing a loss claim with FedEx. Why the delivery person left it at my front door rather than in the leasing office like usual- I have no clue. (I live in a large, controlled-access apartment building on 1st Hill).

Relative to the Seattle Community- is a police report recommended in these situations?

Edit per rfjason's suggestion:

Dear Seattle,

I had some car parts stolen. Here's the list...

Inner tie-rod ends (2)
Outer tie-rod ends (2)
hydraulic decklid prop rod (1)
polyurethane suspension bushing kit (1)
ball joints (4)
side-skirt trim seal kit (1)
all parts are from and designed for an '89 Toyota MR2 Supercharged.

If you see any of these mass-marketed, available-everywhere, frequently-bought-and-sold-by-people-who-know-they're-stolen-but-aren't-going-to-rat-anyone-out parts, please let me know.

Guy who thinks it's a good idea to ask group of random people if he should report his FedEx theft to the SPD.
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Since our family dinners have been nothing but drama, we all agreed to meet up at a resturant for xmas this year. Hopefully that will solve the problem

I have yet to hear of anything that will be open for xmas dinner, other than probably everything in the international district.

Anyone else hear anything?

Tis the season

It's that time of year again, so I thought I'd share some of the holiday-related posts from the good ol' memories section...

Good places to go see Christmas lights
Restaurants open and serving on Christmas
Restaurants serving a traditional Christmas meal
Swedish Christmas traditions and where to buy related items

From Seattle Citysearch...

Holiday Dining [listing 4 places open on Christmas]
Holiday Events Planner

From Google...

"Seattle restaurants open Christmas"

Feel free to comment here with other Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice/Kwanzaa etc. info and I'll add this entry to the memories section as well. Thanks!

Kona nunu for sale.

I'm sorry if this is illegal per community rules. I haven't read all the way through them, and I'm home for lunch right now.. so if I'm breaking the rules then I truly am sorry.. and feel free to delete my post... I just did a quick scan through recent posts, and saw one or two things for sale.

Otherwise.. I'm looking to sell my mountain bike to free up some X-mas money, and to help furnish my new baby's room... if your interested you go go and look at the link below.

Thank you, and sorry if I broke the rules and upset anyone..

17.5"Kona Nunu for sale

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I need help, I am dealing with a moldy room in my apartment and I need to know if I am in the right to break my lease with the landlord. He hasn't returned my recent calls and it's been 7 days since he's had someone to come look at the mold and test it. There are many different confusing parts to the story for me, is he in the wrong because he neve offered me a place to stay considering I am allergic to mold and had told my manager that? I've been camping out around town and now I am back home for christmas and I want to know my rights. I've read the Tenant Union brochures, and called the number but they were busy, and I'm still a little wonky on all the details. Any advice would be wonderful. Thank you all.

-mishelle (U-district)
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I just don't care who the governor is anymore. Seriously. If elections are going to consist of horribly regulated voting methods, lost ballots in a warehouse, and recount after recount until the vote is in someone's favor, then I really don't see the point of voting anymore.
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Hey! I'm a performing artist currently residing on Whidbey Island, who's interested in putting up a production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch next year in Seattle. I'm merely posting to see if anyone's interested in helping out in any shape or form. I'm currently looking for a Yitzhak as well as an Angry Inch! Ha ha! I was going to do this earlier this year, but Nick Garrison was appearing in a production at the Re - bar, so I didn't want to compete.

If necessary, I will see how much I can scrounge up and pay those who are interested in helping, but I cannot guarentee it will be much. I was thinking it would be more along the lines of putting on such a beautiful piece of art where money wasn't a huge demand, but I understand if you'd rather get paid. I'll see what I can do!

Oh, and feel free to throw suggestions at me for staging, or improve, or even venues to do it at!

Please comment, or e - mail me or something!


-- Aiden Orfinadlia Ashe
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I'm looking into snowmobiling in Washington State and wanted to see if anyone could help with some recommendations.

I'd like to rent 2 snowmobiles for an afternoon, but I'm not sure if a license or training is required before they let you ride on them. I imagine that Steven's Pass provides some sort of package deal, but their website doesn't mention it (plus, they don't have much snow on the ground).

There have to be some places around here that specialize in snowmobiling... so if you know of any, I'd appreciate any info!

Space Needle Discount Tickets

Does anyone know of a place that offers discount tickets for the elevator ride up the needle?

I was told to check Seattle Brocheres and came up empty.
I tried a few travel agents but none had any or knew where to get them.

Someone had mentioned that QFC/Pepsi was offering a promotion but I've been to 2 stores and even spoke to the Pepsi guy and neither the store managers nor the pepsi guy knew anything about it.

Thanks in advance for your help!

looking to rent out a room to someone

I built a brand new house in a great neighborhood in Northeast Renton. I got the keys November 17th. I am looking for a roommate. they will have there own bathroom and bedroom. there is a cable jack and phone jack in the room... if you are interested please feel free to email me or call me.

(no subject)

Is Qwest the only phone company out there? it's the only one i ever read about here and in books. we're moving to Renton in a couple weeks and want to get connected soon as possible..being internet addicts and all. :) (yes, we're dial uppers. hehe)

oh that does make sense

(no subject)

Background: Lived in Seattle 6 years, moved down to Cali in September, planning on visiting in Jan/Feb.

So I was talking to a coworker down here and he mentioned that he enjoyed The Pink Door during his last visit. He said, it was in some alley that branched off near Pike Street, which means it was in Post Alley. I can't find anything meaningful on the web. Next visit back to Seattle, I'd like to check it out. If it's so good, how come I'd never heard of it?
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Anyone up for putting my hair in cornrows, soon?

I'm leaving for Toronto on the 30th. Before I go, I would really like to get my hair braided. It's 2.5 inches at the top and about an inch at the nape, I'm interested in synthetic cornrow extensions that look something like this:

But long (which is where the extension part comes in), to mid back or so. I can provide the hair. I would prefer someone who knows the mid-braiding method of synth hair attachment to avoid the large bumps of hair that come with adding the synth at the base of the braid, but either one will do really.

I absolutely can't afford a salon. Is there anyone in the area who's learning or is otherwise in a position to do it for me on the cheap or for trade? I have a nice cozy place to do the work with a lot of DVD's ;) I could trade you a mini-fall (30 count, short) but unfortunately I would not have it finished in time to get it to you before I left, I'd have to send it over when I was able to finish it while in .ca.

I do hair myself,, so maybe I could tade some of my hair stock or something? Or maybe something that's currenly on my 4-sale page?

Hope everyone is well.