December 21st, 2004


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ISO: Altered cat who needs home. Can be young, shouldn't be ancient, must be litter box trained and healthy.

MUST LOVE TO PLAY. Must be sociable and capable of being an indoor cat.

My sweet, rough-and-tumble kitty needs a friend, and I'd like it to be a friend who also needs friends. Needs to be offered for free (or close to it,) as there are too many stray kitties for me to justify spending a lot of money on a "purebred."

I'm not particularly interested in links to websites - I'm looking for an individual who I can meet with and help out by taking a little guy (or gal) off of their hands.


- Colleen

(Comments are screened in case anyone wants to leave a phone number.)
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Latest Election Development -- If you're sick of it, then don't read it

Election official: Other counties included 'new' ballots in recounts

SEATTLE -- At least five Washington counties found ballots that weren’t included in the original tally for governor and added them to the recount, according to an affidavit by state Elections Director Nick Handy.

What was that that the Republicans have been saying? "If the Republicans were finding uncounted ballots in other counties and adding them to the tally, you'd protest"?


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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knows where I might take a nice leather photo album to have a name imprinted on the front cover in silver? It's a Christmas gift, so I have to get it done this week and hopefully during a lunch break or something. I work in the Bothell/Mill Creek area, so it would also need to be semi-close to there.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance! :)
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New Years Eve Party

What are you doing, NEW YEARS EVE?
This is the event you have been waiting for!
Come spend NEW YEARS EVE with Jet City Improv. We are planning a THREE HOUR IMPROV SHOW, starting at 9pm, and running till midnight. Then we will have dancing and fun until 2am.

The plan is:
• When you arrive - Guests receive Party Hats, Noisemakers, and Caricatures will be drawn in lobby.
• When the show begins (9pm) we will have live remote calls from New Years Eve in New York City - From Times Square, then we will have History games and or suggestions based on events of the last millennium. (THE PAST)
• Food will be served in the lobby, then...
• At 10pm, we will have a live remote call from New Years Eve in Chicago, then we will have scenes based on events of the last year (THE PRESENT) - including a short Twisted Flick.
• Cake will be served in the lobby - Then...
• At 11pm, we will have a live remote call from New Years Eve in Denver, along with predictions for the coming year with Nostradamus (THE FUTURE). Then...
• At 12:00 New Years!
• The Space Needle Fireworks will be projected on BIG screen and a Champagne toast along with a special appearance of the New Years Baby. THEN.....

We will all Dance until 2:00am.

Come spend the night with the JET CITY IMPROV family. This event is all ages, and we provide all food, party favors and a champagne (or non-alcoholic) toast at midnight.

Tickets are $39 per person or $65 per couple, and can be purchased beforehand at:

We hope to see you there! Bring your friends and make this the New Years Eve event of the CENTURY!

Quick Info:
What: Jet City Improv New Years Eve Party
Where: 5510 University Way NE - Seattle, U-District
When: 12/31 9 PM - 12 AM (Party after from 12-2AM)
Cost: $39 per person or $65 per couple (all ages)
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Mariachi Bands

Anyone know of a good place to look for local Mariachi bands available to play for private parties and events? Something like two or three performers to play for a couple of hours.

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anyone want two papazon (sp?) chairs? the frames are in good condition. id like $50, obo.
reply to this or email me at

starving college students could probably talk me into giving them away for free. lol.

Seattle bound

So my company is moving me to Seattle early February. I've actually never been to Seattle before, and i've never seen Sleepless in Seattle so I have no idea what to expect.

I need some advice

- What apartment complexes downtown are good to live in?
Quick bit of background info:
My office is on Union and 1st street, so it would be nice to live somewhere close by. I guess im technically a "young professional" (im 23), so I'd like somewhere hip, but definitely don't want to be in a high crime area. I'd be willing to pay around $1000/month for a 1BR or a large studio.

- How's traffic downtown? I know it's bad, but is it like, Boston or NYC bad?
- What are some good gyms in the downtown area?
- What's the best cable / internet / cell phone / etc provider in the area?
- How's the bar and restaurant scene? I'm sure its good, but is it up there with NYC or San Francisco?
- Will I see Ichiro out at the bars? I'm a big fan of his. Actually, now that Beltre is a Mariner, he's up there on my list too. :)
- Any other good advice?

I don't know anyone out in Seattle, so it would be nice to make some e-friends as well. :)