December 17th, 2004



Hey, I was wondering where I could find colored light bulbs (preferably brown, but I don't think they even make those (??) so how about red) in Seattle. I would prefer somewhere downtown, to close to downtown. Okay, go!
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Blogging Dinner At Westlake Center

Today, Ben McConnell author of the book "Creating Customer Evangelists," is in Seattle for the American Marketing Association's blog workshop.

Tonight, Ben has organized a "Dutch treat friendly and highly informal 'marketing wonk' dinner" at the Westlake Center food court at 5:30pm.

VIPs that will also be at the event are:

- Seattle SuperSonics VP Pete Winemiller
- Starbucks' customer care wizard (and BrandAutopsy examiner) Paul Williams
- Tracy Stevens, group manager of customer experience at Intuit

Here is a pix of Ben so that you can find him in the crowd.

If you do go, please snap some pixs and let us know what happened.
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Sorry for the lame post.

Sorry for the lame post asking for something that I should easily find, but I can't find anything. I've checked Craigslist and Google, and I've found a metric crap-ton of nothin' that can suit my needs.

So, I'll post here, and if no one knows, no one knows, and I'll find another way. :)

I have a scooter that needs a little work. To do the work, I need a dry, semi warm place to work on it. A single car garage sized space will work -- I don't necessarily need a heater, I could use a lock, and I need about a week. I will be taking it completely apart, and storing it there for the week. It is likely that I will also do some spray painting, but all of the surroundings would be covered. Ideally, I'd like a place within Seattle that I could scoot to easily, and then bus to from Maple Leaf or Belltown fairly quickly.

Does anyone live in the Seattle area, and are willing to rent out this type of space for a week? I'm hoping to do this in the first part of January. If you have something, please email me at my livejournal address with available dates and how much you're looking for. I appreciate it. :)

If not, it's cool. If this ad should be somewhere else, please enlighten me and delete.