December 16th, 2004

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nice sleep masks

A while back (ok, a long while ago, but maybe it'll jog someone's memory,) Vain had sleep masks. They were hand-made, not hideously ugly like the little-old-lady ones you can get at the drugstore, and actually effective because they were lined on the inside with black. I picked one up in February for myself, and I've been really happy with it, and now my housemate wants one. Vain doesn't seem to have them anymore, and I didn't get a chance to ask if they might know where to find them. Anyone seen these elsewhere?

Thanks for the help!
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Political Correctness in our own back yard...

I was reading my usual morning news this morning when I happened upon this story:

In short, the atheist couple who live in Bellevue decided to make a big fuss over a giving tree that is up in Bellevue City Hall.  They say it represents "christianity" and they "resent it".  It's decorated in gold balls and gold ribbon along with requests for gifts and donations for those in need.  The tree brings in a ton of money for the needy during this time of year.  So why are these two complaining?  I wouldn't exactly call myself atheist...I'm more of an agnostic...just haven't found anything that 'calls out to me'.  I'm not into the christianity or catholic church and I don't like when they try and force their beliefs on me...but when it comes to christmas, for me, it's a time of giving.  It's a time of togetherness.  It's a time to love one another.  I don't celebrate Jesus but I do celebrate being a human and having loved ones.  Most would call me and understanding person, but I just don't understand why people have to complain all the time about things that don't really matter.  It's not hurting anybody.  It doesn't hurt me when people walk down the street and hand out flyers asking me if I've "heard the word of the lord".  All I say is a polite "no thank you" and keep walking.  People take life a little too seriously sometimes, in my opinion...

What does everyone else think about this story?  Does it frustrate you as much as it does me?  Or are these people legitimate in what they are complaining about?  Please share your thoughts!



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I live in the U-District and was wondering where the closest DMV is. I don't have a phone book and surprisingly, it's somewhat difficult to find online. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Was your ballot rejected?

Here is a list of 1,555 rejected ballots in both the initial and machine recount in King County. There is a link to a list of the 573 ballots that were improperly rejected. Call (206) 296-8683 (VOTE) to find out why your vote was not counted. No guarantees on the phone service; quite a few voters were rebuffed when trying to call. If that happens, please document the time/day you called and what you were told and tell someone (I can pass it on if you like) Please promulgate.

Oh, and just so you know, Chairman, King Co. Council Larry Phillips recently found out that his vote was not counted, but he was not informed until he volunteered to help notify voters. Gotta love it.

If anyone is interested in helping to observe the hand recount, I can hook you up.
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Landmark Forums

Hey everyone, I'm interested in any and all information you guys might have about the Landmark Forum. I just interviewed for a job, and if I'm hired, it's mandatory that I go to it and they're paying for it. I've read up about it and know what it's all about. I'm highly skeptical and more than a little sketched out, but I'm more interested in any personal experiences you may have had with it or with people who are involved with it. Thanks!

Moderator note:

Let's try to keep the posts relevant to Seattle [and closely surrounding areas], please. Asking for help with something, or making a personal post better suited for your own journal, assuming that because you live in Seattle/like Seattle/have heard of Seattle must mean it's on-topic isn't going to cut it. If we start allowing some of them, we have to allow all of them, and then the place will just turn into one massive, crazy-go-nuts hootenanny! Hoooboy, can you imagine?

It's really quite silly for me to even have to say such a thing, but let's also try to refrain from all the name calling and threats. I don't expect us all to join hands and go skipping merrily over the flowery fields to search for the end of the rainbow, but let's at least try to get our points across without all the unnecessary expletives. Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of times where I've wanted to drive the point home by adding a few choice words, myself, but I know it's only going to make matters worse and twist those panties into an even tighter knot. So, the next time you want to tell someone to "choke on a dick" or let them know what a "donkey raping shit eater" they are, search way down deep within yourself and try to listen to that faint whisper of an inner-voice telling you, "NO. Don't do it. Don't you be that person. Because man, where's the love?" There's not enough, I tell you what.

Really, kids, just use some common sense here. I know there will always be something that someone disagrees or has a problem with, but hopefully we can keep things running smoothly enough that the majority can pleasantly benefit from the community. As always, you're welcome to contact me at pixelwench at livejournal dot com and I'll try to answer your community-related questions the best that I can. Thank you.

In conclusion...

Memories Section
Google / Froogle
Seattle CitySearch

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2 Software Engineers Needed for growing Biotech/Medical Device Company

Hope this is okay...for all you software type peoples.....please do not respond to me but to the email in the ad!

Software Engineer - 2 Positions
Software development for Doppler ultrasound products. Join our development team to expand product features, applying best software development practices.

BSEE/BSCS and 3+ years experience in structured software development is required. Software development cycle from requirements definition to verification.

Applicable experience will include the following:
-Experience developing product software and associated documentation
-Borland Delphi preferred; C++, Java, C#, or other high-level languages acceptable
-Software development tools: design modeling, analysis, version control, issue tracking
-Hardware/software integration, instrumentation
-Software verification
-Medical device development experience preferred

Development may include the following technology elements:
-User Interface Features Windows application development
-Component-based user interface design
-Clinical applications
-Data presentation, graphing, and reports
-Usability testing

-Product Software Infrastructure Windows XP, XPE
-Customized file system and file formats
-Graphical and audio data capture and streaming
-Hospital information systems, DICOM
-Intranet and Internet services
-Signal processing Mathematical and computational analysis of RF and biological signals
-MATLAB, LabView modeling, and integration with product platform
-Algorithm development for multi-platform application

This job is in Seattle, Capitol Hill area (by Seattle U)
Website is

Send cover letter and resume to No calls please. EOE

Looking for electronic components

Hello Everybody! I'm looking for somewhere in and around Seattle that sells (and has in stock) a wide variety of your run of the mill electronic components: capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, etc... Fry's never has anything in stock; if they do, it's never on the shelves, and it's located in one of 20 boxes with everything mixed together, and Rat Shack doesn't carry a fraction of what they used to. I know the usual places to get stuff online (mouser, digikey, etc,) but I've got a real itch to start a new project this weekend before I head off for the holidays, and I don't feel like paying $30+ for next day shipping. Any suggestions (other then go search google)?
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