December 14th, 2004


does anyone happen to know

where someone who is big and queer and inexperienced could go to Yoga and feel comfortable up on Capitol Hill?

and how much yoga normally costs?
I found a place at Harbor Steps - I went for a kind of check up/initial interview with a guy there, but when it came down to me putting up cash to join he got all 'used car salesman' on me.

Hot Chocolate Anyone?

I am lactose sensitive and have had nothing but trouble looking for a really good cup of hot chocolate in Seattle and surrounding areas.
Im not looking for an establishment that serves the powdered variety, I can do that at home ... but rather one that makes it up from scratch and makes it worth the drive/purchase.
I've tried starbucks and Im not impressed.
Anyone out there know of a place where a girl can go and have some nummy hot chocolate?

Thanks in advance!
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Xentropic- Thursday Dec 16th !

Come in & kick back with djs Nubby Krayon and the lovely Miss Flavio spinning Trip-hop, down tempo and ambient. Doors open at 9 pm. $4.00 cover. Free Pool, full bar. Be 21+. We're located in the alley entrance at 10 and Union in Capitol Hill under the Auto Battery shop. See you there!