December 13th, 2004

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Does anybody know if Chubby & Tubby will be selling Christmas Trees this year, and/or know about any good (inexpensive) Christmas Tree Lots in the area?

Thanks in advance!

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Day spa?

I am looking to get a gift certificate to a spa for a xmas present. Any recommendations as to a good one? I am looking for the most bang for my buck. But I would like to stay around the $100-$150 range.
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Seattle is on TV ♥

I am watching PBS Kids with my sister and watching a show called "Post cards from Buster" Its a show that Buster from Arthur goes around the contry and visits cities and stuff. Anyway today he's in seattle! It was really fun watching him go to Uwajimya and all over chinatown and Pikeplace. Its way cool! ^__________________^

but just watching it, it seems like seattle is really asian because they're main focus was Chinatown, Tai chi, and stuff. Oh and Buster gets a "really cool japanese comic". Is Seattle more asian than i think it is? By asian, i mean does asian community really strong and i dont realize it? Or is the show confusing meeh?

I hope i dont sound like a rasist bitch x_x;;;
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    Postcards from Buster
Fear Kali


If you can find a clear spot, you can see the Meteor Showers.

or, you can go to the RE BAR to see the debut of 'Showgirls' the play:
The handsome and charming Mr Ian Bell brings us fucking brilliant takes on all the crazy whore movies like "Fatal Attraction", "Single White Female", etc. Don't miss this LAST OF THE SERIES: "SHOWGIRLS"! Starring the brilliant and gorgeous URSULA ANDROID & JACKIE HELL! GENIUS and HILARIOUS! No reservations taken, get here early! Doors at 7pm, shows start at 8pm, $10
Monday-Wednesday, December 13th, 14th, & 15th

pretty exciting for a monday ^_^
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Tragic Garage Sale

Someone got evicted at 3016 1st Ave downtown and can't appear to afford to move their stuff anywhere. They just sorta piled it outside and called it a moving sale.

Sadly, it's in the rain. If you hurry, some of the finished furnature and stuff might still be good, and you can probably get some at almost nothing. It's sad that it's all getting destroyed like that. I don't have a tarp to offer.

I was going to buy a box of magic cards but they've turned soggy. *sigh*

If you want to purchase or just assist people having a shitty day, it looks like they'll be there a while.
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This is worse than road rage.

I have been to two performances in the last two days and I am seriously appalled at the rudeness and inconsiderateness of audience members.

Last night I attended the Living Christmas Tree choir and dance performance and about 20 babies cried consistently through the whole thing. When a performance is labeled "most likely not suitable for children" and when family viewing rooms are provided, why do parents insist on dragging their babies to a two hour musical performace? Many got up and left and than came back and had to leave again and again, causing people to stand up out of their seats. Some tried to hush their babies and only left after 5 min of not being successful. I spent the whole time listening to the distractions and not being able to focus at all on what I was there to see.

Tonight I just got back from the Botanical Gardens and they had an indoor small singing ensemble with a piano, and two adults proceeded to have a barely muffled conversation standing in the back (it was in a small room) and despite turned heads of pretty much everyone in the seats, they continued to laugh and joke and small talk. Later after they left, a second man and women stood in the back and proceeded to do the same thing.

I'm not sure if its a symptom of our TV watching culture, but people in this area seem to have no consideration for anyone else that is trying to enjoy the work of others.