December 12th, 2004

  • ninaf

Books to donate

I bought a few books a few weekends ago from the Discovery TV book fair with the hopes of donating them. I was thinking toys for tots but I am pretty sure they just want toys. Does anyone know a place taking books for Christmas presents? They are brand new and best for 8-13 year old geek kids (aka science is cool.)

Also, wasn't the mountain amazing yesterday? It made me happy then I picture it blowing up and us all dying. Anyway, thanks for the help.
mraz krazykirst

Taper Auditorium question

I've never been to Benaroya. The boyfriend would love to see the Seattle Symphony, and I see that they're doing The Four Seasons in January. I'm, um, POOR, so I'd be getting the "third tier box" seats. I know that the point is not to see but hear (I'm a music snob myself), but can anyone tell me if those are horrendous? What's the view like? I appreciate any info. Thankee!
  • jameth

Ballard Fred Meyer birds

The exterminators installed what they call a glue board to catch the birds. When the birds fly into the board, they get stuck. And their struggle is a public one; their desperate thrashing witnessed by customers.

It was also captured on home video.

One customer secretly shot videotape of one bird's struggle Saturday morning. The small bird makes futile attempts at freedom. But there is no chance to escape.

Well, this is awful, but how do other stores with large ceilings (Costco comes to mind) deal w/ this problem?

Also, people keep talking about whether or not they will continue to shop at Fred Meyer (and QFC as well because both are owned by the same company). What about you?

Fleece Hats and Scarves

Come make fleece hats and scarves at the Hancock Fabrics in Lynnwood on Saturday, December 18th!

We provide all the materials, equipment, and instruction, for only $6 for a hat or scarf! Make one for yourself, make several for friends, make them just for fun! Come meet me, blue, as I teach everyone how to make hats and scarves. Drop in any time between 10 and 12 or 1 and 5. Minimal sewing required, and you don't need to have used a sewing machine before to make a decent hat.

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The store is located in the Alderwood Village strip mall, right off the Lynnwood exit on I-5 and right across the parking lot from Long's Drugs. Come make hats!
Drinky Drinky!

(no subject)

Hey all,

I'm looking for some fun New Year's happenings. Ideally I'd like to find a place to party that's close to a decent, reasonably priced hotel that I can stay in afterwards. (I don't live close enough to want to drive home that late)


1) Know of anything good going on New Years eve? Something indoors with booze is preferable.

2) Know of any hotels w/ decent bars or eateries inside and good places to party nearby? (By nearby I mean walking distance or short cab ride. I don't want to have a DD this night. No one should have to be sober on New Years Eve unless they're pregnant;) )

Thanks for any ideas!