December 9th, 2004

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Just found out my grandfather passed away last night. I need to take some bereavement leave if i can. Wondering if there is a law stating how may days off one can take and if it is paid or not. or does that varry from employer to employer ?
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Good home wanted!

Ok. I'm making one last plea to the public before I give in and take her to the no kill shelter up in Stanwood. I hate having to do that but I know it must be done if no one can immediately give her a good home.

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"Pumpkin" is a very sweet girl. :) She's an orange and white tabby with huge eyes and an adorable striped tail. she is nuetered and declawed (I got her that way so it wasn't my choice) and is box trained. With me she's always been an indoor cat and isn't messy and is very friendly and playful. The first night I brought her home it only took her about a half hour to start playing and rolling around in fun. (that picture is from that night.)

We dont know her exact age but we're guessing she's between 2 and 3 years old... maybe even 4 years old. As she is declawed, she's a bit nervous and defensive around other cats because she can't really defend herself; so it would be safe to wager that she needs a single cat home. She's perfect for an elderly person who wants a bit of company. :)


2005 entertainment book

this is a long shot....
I was wondering if anyones has or is going to get the 2005 entertainment book for seattle/eastside that maybe lives on the eastside and wouldn't use the seattle coupons. I am looking to aquire some dinning, dry cleaning, and/or auto coupons.

I could offer a trade of some sort or could offer a little money.

HE'P ME!!!

Anybody know anything about the JBL Theater that's in or near the EMP? Supposed to meet someone there on Sunday and I don't know an address, parking availability, or anything. Do I have to pay to get in to the EMP just to get to this theater? Since the EMP Website and Googling it is so very fruitless, any information is greatly appreciated!
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I looked in the memories and couldn't find anything, so...

Does anyone know of any thrift stores in the U-district/Greenlake area? Or other places to get cheap, used furniture?

Failing that, cheap furniture stores around that area that deliver. Thank you!

Two PM positions at IDX-Seattle

I've got a program manager and a process manager position I'm recruiting for at IDX's Seattle office. Both require 5 - 7 years' experience as a PM; healthcare experience or experience with our products LastWord or CareCast would be a great plus. I don't feel like posting the whole shebang, so if you're vaguely interested, go over the website,, and search for 2429 and 2430. The jobs are cleverly hidden under the Corporate tab. If you apply via the website, your resume goes into the company db and is accessible to all the recruiters, so that's an advantage over just sending it to me. If you do apply, I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me a line to let me know so I can mention it to the HR mgr.
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Seattle Cheap Motel/Hotel

Hello everybody.

I will be going to SF on the and I plan to go to Seattle en route.

Maybe stay there for a night or two. Do you have a suggestion for a cheap motel in the heart of downtown where everthing is accessible by walking or even by bus?

There were several from orbitz but I thought I would ask someone from the neighborhood :P


X-mas help

I need help finding something.

I would like a custom-made sign made out of anonized aluminum (in a gold cast) and need a particular string of characters laser etched (or cut out) on this sign.

Anyone know of a service in Seattle that can do this sort of thing before X-mas?