December 8th, 2004

Sea dragon

Only two more days to see a great movie at the Grand Illusion

I was going to post a general invite to people to come see a movie with me last night at the Grand Illusion, but I got nervous and wound up not doing it. Now, however, I'm sorry I didn't because Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion was a great flick, a cross between 1984, In the Realm of the Senses and A Clockwork Orange, and since it's not available on video going out is the only way you'll get to see it. I especially liked the extremely relevant vision of a society in which the authorities see murderers and political activists equivalently, as (in their minds) both are trying to destroy society, and both deserve the harshest treatment to supress them "and save our democracy." (That bit was very depressing.) Anyway, showtimes are 6:15 and 8:30, and it's playing for two more days if you're interested.

Oh the tragedy

Where we used to live we could have Pagliacci Pizza delivered. Now we have moved and they don't deliver to our area. (we don't even live in a gated community; we live in Madrona) So we are back at square one for finding good pizza that delivers. We tried Pizza Mart last night and while it was okay it wasn't great. (we have become spoiled)
Would any of you nice people offer suggestions for great pizza places that deliver to the Madrona area?
Also any other kinds of restaurants that deliver? (Thai, Chinese food)
what the whore?

All hailed out

So..I hear this strange noise, and I go to my door thinking it was someone at my door..then I hear a bag rustling..I check my door..and no one is ther..but the sound gets louder...I go to my room..I CAN NOT SEE OUT MY WINDOW..there is so much thick hail and rain coming down I can't see a foot out my I go outide to play in it...and the wind is like...lots..then suddenly I remember...HOSHIT! I left my bathroom window open..I race upstairs and brage into the bathroom, only to slip and fall on my bathrub and floora re covered in Hail and wetness...great times.

so..any neat weather stories this week fromthe rest of you?
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Job Opening

This job offer is so cute, I have to share it! :) At first I thought they were giant marshmallow representatives.

Purple Peep - Part time

GHCU is looking for a new "Purple Peep.” You may have seen them around the Seattle area this year on billboards, local events, or online. Their website is and as you'll see, they are the GHCU logo brought to life like the MSN Butterfly or Jack from Jack-in-the-Box. It's like The Blue Man Group (if you've seen or heard about them), except our guys are painted in head-to-toe PURPLE. You will be required to attend GHCU events, pass out giveaway items, interact WITHOUT speaking, pose in photographs with attendees, and HAVE FUN.

Here are our requirements, and you MUST FIT ALL OF THESE to be considered:
· MALES only
· Athletic physique
· 5'10" - 6'4" in height
· Outgoing, enthusiastic personality to promote GHCU brand with eye contact, smiling and extreme positive facial and body expressions.
· Minimal chest and back hair
· Short haircut
· Wear shorts and be painted from head-to-toe in purple body paint
· NO visible tattoos
· Available on weekends and some evenings (up to 10 events per year)
· Able to interact with NO talking & walk in flip-flops and shorts for long periods of time (approx 4-10 hours per event)

If you fit ALL of these requirements and are interested in becoming our next Purple Peep, please send or email your resume and attach a recent, full-length photo.

Laser eye surgery

I'm looking at getting laser eye surgery. Can anyone recommend a good clinic in Seattle for this? Has anyone ever had a bad experience with a Seattle laser eye surgery clinic?

And by "bad experience" I don't mean being groped while under sedation... I'm kinda looking forward to that part actually. By bad experience, I'm referring to going BLIND. But then again, if you were blind you wouldn't be reading this. OR WOULD YOU?? Hmm no, no I guess ya wouldn't.

Well, failing laser eye surgery, I guess I'll be stuck with these GIANT ugly freakin' glasses that are so big I have to use a strap to keep 'em on my fat head! (hmm.. is there a fetish market for that sort of thing?)

karaoke for under-21s?

Somewhere has to exist where those of us over 21 can go with friends a bit younger who would like to partake in this particular pasttime.

So does anyone know somewhere like this? If it's somewhere where the older folks can have a drink, even better. I'm not even real incredibly picky where it's at. North of Seattle? Tacoma? Let me know.

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